Modern Retail Apps Are Rubbish! The Damning Truth Revealed By App Developer Adapmi

We may be an internet savvy bunch here in the UK – we spend more per head online that any other nation in the world – but that doesn’t mean we are satisfied with the current state of retail apps.

Research from Adapmi reveals that we are downloading more retail apps than ever before, but nearly 40% of us are not happy with the results.

One fifth of us would like to see retailers invest more in R&D to improve their app offerings, whilst 30% of us say that we’d like to see more sophisticated UX and UI, in addition to the current “browse and buy” functionality, in our apps.

The cult of “Tinder for goods and services”, it seems, is well and truly over.

Only one third of us believe we have seen any improvement in the standard of apps being released, despite the fact that a failure by retailers to keep innovating enrages us. More than 25% of us are put off brands who refrain from updating and adding new features to their apps.

Equally, however, we are easily appeased. More than 50% of those questioned by Adapmi say they would be more likely to download an app if they were rewarded for doing so, and a fifth of us would like to see apps that can help us make purchasing decisions.

“New technology is making it possible to offer a genuinely personalised mobile retail experience – these results sound a clear warning message to retailers that, while retail apps are becoming more popular with consumers, many are failing to meet expectations and deliver the kind of service customers clearly expect.”

Says Nick Black, CEO of Adapmi.

Some app developers might argue that today’s consumer, and especially those outspoken, time-poor millennials amongst us, want everything on a plate yesterday. But, given the way tech has “disrupted” our lives for the better, making almost everything on demand and actionable within moments via a smartphone, it would seem churlish of any brand to protest that they cannot move with the times.

And besides, the customer, as we all know, is always right ; )

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