“Meh” – The Star Lead In The New Emoji Movie

Shit icon, smiling face, symbol, emoji, vector illustration.

Dear lord – so popular designers at Apple have given them their own keyboard, it seems that our love affair with the emoji will continue long into 2017 – August to be precise, when the new emoji film is slated for release.

Can’t wait that long – you curious, on trend thing, you – never fear! A new teaser trailer has been released, narrated by the “meh” emoji, voiced by Comedian Steve Wright. The trailer is not available for viewing in the UK at the moment but we have it on good authority from Cnet’s Gael Fashingbauer Cooper that it is realising every critic’s worst fears – which probably means that it’s light, entertaining and fun!

Spoiler alerts from Fashingbauer Cooper – the poop emoji has a bowtie and glasses, “because of course it does”, one or two (or maybe five million) mobile apps are product placed into the story, or to put it another way, this film is a 90 minute ad for the iTunes store and Google Play, and “meh” himself is so irritating, “32 seconds into the trailer I wanted to squish Meh with a high heeled shoe just so I never had to hear his voice again.”

If you’ve been hoping 2017 would be the year we would all come to our senses and preach tolerance, understanding and hope, sad face emoji for you!

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