London Has A Brand New Last Mile Solution For Commuters; A UK First – Apparently!

GetBike is the UK’s first bike sharing scheme and it’s launching in London says a press release, but we’re struggling to find more info.

The release reveals that the GetBike Sharing System is a Sino-British team of entrepreneurs founded in November 2016, and having raised $10m in a Series A round of financing, at a valuation of $200m, they have pledged to provide up to 50,000 bicycles to London within 5 months.

CEO Ming Yang helped launch the product at the O2 Arena, the release continues, and a beta test will see 3,000 bikes distributed across the Greater London region between February 25th and April 25th. All being well, the number will be increased.

“London’s traffic congestion is a well-known fact, driving many Londoners to opt for bicycles, not only as a preferred method for getting from point A to point B, but also to do their bit for the environment as well as to keep in shape,” says Yang;

“We hope the success of the new model that originated in China could serve as a Last Mile solution for individuals commuting within or travelling around Greater London.”

Get Bike’s release concludes that that a bike share scheme launched by the “London government” has been “slow to take off, and little, if any, improvement in the city’s traffic congestion has yet taken place as a result”.

It’s punchy, and 50,000 bicycles is a pretty huge number. Mind you, if you believe Katie Melua, there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing – so perhaps they can spare a few!

HHH promises to do some digging here and find out more – at this stage, we cannot even locate a Getbike website.

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