Link-Juice Is Driving The Internet Crazy

Links are the fuel that drives the interweb. But it is getting out of hand?

I write an article about you, you post my link. Why thank you, and here’s an article about you, would you be so kind as to position on your website?

Nearly half of the emails we receive today are from “John Smith”, or “Katie Very-British-Sounding-Name”, but there’s something amiss. Apparently Katie and John never learned how to spell, and instead of pursuing typically British careers such as doctor, or lawyer, decided to start an SEO marketing agency in Bangalore, or Beijing.

Now, it must be the same for communities all over the world – receiving communications from people who purport to be local, but are really running the dreaded “blogger outreach campaign”.

This means firing off an email to thousands of unsuspecting customers whose details have been discovered by a data-scraping tool, available on subscription, using a glorified piece of mail merge software – also available on subscription.

All because we crave that link juice.

Nobody truly knows how Google’s algorithms or web spiders work (maybe not even Google themselves) but we all know that the more people post links to your site, the more popular our sites’ become. So we all write content for other people’s websites and hope they post it.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what that does to the quality of content on the interweb. With nobody writing for pleasure, or to inform others, we all set traps for others to fall into. “Come look at this crazy picture!” “Take a peek at this celebs hairstyle before they were famous at their mansion!” “Here’s five ways to run a link-juice campaign”.

It’s painful, but if you aren’t doing it, nobody notices you.

Someday, and we hope its soon, somebody will be brave enough to cut this Gordian knot. And that will be a huge relief, because the inevitable consequence of everybody on the interweb trying to post about the most topical subject.

The only thing you can see online anymore is Donald Trump’s ridiculous hairdo!

Just give me a cat on a Roomba, please – and no, I don’t need any Whiskers – and yes, I know they only use the finest cuts of salmon – somebody sent me a blog post about it last week. And I almost posted it, because Katie says she reads all my posts and really likes my website.

Globalisation – still the best, yet probably the most frustrating, thing in the world.

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