Join Waitrose, John Lewis, Cognizant & More…

What do these and the top retail and consulting innovators in the UK have in common? Workshops from Hack Outliers.

As one of the leading innovation consultancies in London, Hack Outliers work with startups to major brands on solving big problems and testing new ideas. They take the best bits of sprints, hackathons, meetups and presentations for a unique training program designed to deliver results.

So what are these results you may ask? Well, chances are you’ve seen them in your favourite retail store. Maybe you’re wearing them. You might even have shopped them online.

HHH have wedged two limited, one time only workshops in the Hack Outliers schedule: Startups 101 and Prototyping 101. We’re inviting you to enroll and join us for an awesome day of hands-on training designed to help launch your business or idea. You’ll come with a passion and ideas, you’ll leave with insights, clear direction, and valuable contacts.

Sign up for these one time only workshops!

Startups 101 

Prototyping 101 

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