Join Mass Challenge Down At The Dock As 20 Game-changing Startups Battle It Out For £100k

London is great because it’s an international melting pot of diverse cultures, races, opinions, and football clubs.

Mass Challenge, the Tobacco Dock-based, Boston-Headquartered not-for-profit co-working space slash start-up competition slash incubator is also great, for 3 or those 4 reasons.

It’s anything but average, you know, and that’s why you must attend its demo day slash fundraiser slash “beat the January blues” party one week today.

For starters, you don’t want to miss full blown “techerati” member Brent Hoberman, co-founder (alongside Martha Lane Fox) of, and more recently Founders Factory and Founders Forum, give a keynote.

You won’t want to miss 20 pitches from top Mass Challenge start-ups, but you will want to do some “hobnobbing” with headline sponsor Swiss Re and “500 innovation A-listers”.

And who will walk away with the £100k equity free cash prizes? And perhaps even more importantly, who is going to eat all that tasty food truck fare, and drink all that craft ale, if not you?

Tickets ain’t free, sadly, but £45 gets you entry and a ticket to a “round the world” food truck “extravaganza”, £85 gets you all the above plus a free bar (beer, cider, wine and “softies”), or why not go for “The Full Enchilada”- free bar, food, and entertainment for you and eight colleagues; £950.

MC has an interesting back-story – founder Jon Harthorne is an ex-MIT Sloan alumni and prize-winner who didn’t know what to do with his life and found himself moping on his sofa at home until one day he had an epiphany, a eureka! moment and a “shot in the arm” all at the same time – he was going to help thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs build companies that will change the world as we know it – for the better.

If you’re reading this lying on the sofa at home – feel better! Your journey is about to begin. “It had never occurred to me that in this life, you were allowed to be amazing”, says Jon. Now you know, and you have our permission to be awesome ; )

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