It’s Ba-ack – Did You Miss It?

Nokia’s re-release of 3310 first instance of Mobile “Going Retro”

Who needs a smartphone when you can have a brick? Especially a brick that costs less to buy than most modern smartphones cost per month over their 2-year contract length.

Nokia, who have struggled to keep pace with the Samsungs and iPhones of this world have decided that, if you can’t beat them; just go back to what you were doing 16 years ago.

At a press conference in Barcelona, Nokia bigwigs left it until the last moment to announce that they would be re-releasing the iconic 3310, the nearly indestructible phone with the “big heart”, the battery life that lasts one month, the game of “Snake”, and the “der, der, der-der-der-der” ringtone.

Turn of the millennium trend-setters will doubtless be experiencing waves of pleasurable nostalgia at the news – all 126 million of them, for that was how many were built before the phone / fashion statement was pulled back in 2005, over a decade ago.

Will it still sell in the same quantities it did when it its 2.5G connectivity and S30 operating system were the last word in sophistication?

Well, Nokia presumably believe that it can – perhaps they think that checking emails on the go is sooo 2016, or that the millions of apps that can be found on the Google Play store or iTunes store are not capturing the popular imagination the way they once did.

Cue hundreds of thousands of city workers wondering around looking lost as they are no longer able to use sophisticated map apps to find their way around, book their holidays or do their banking while sat on the train or queueing at Pret, and presumably using plain old text messages to chat to their “mates”, as opposed to Whatsapp, Snapchat, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and Grindr.

So is this the end for the smartphone – have we finally grown tired of living our lives vicariously through a 6-inch screen – albeit a satisfyingly flashy, beepy, one with unheard-of levels of “UX and UI”?

Don’t hold your breath – as attention grabbing announcements that tug on the heartstrings of the modern smartphone user go, this stroke of PR genius takes some beating.

We forecast the re-released 3310 will spend most of its time at the bottom of handbags or man-bags, unblinking, aware, never switching off. The first brick in your bag that wasn’t put there by your mates as a practical joke. Since 2000.

That might be why Nokia also released 2 bang-up-to-date new smartphones at the same time. Over to you, Apple – fancy re-releasing the i-Touch?

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