Is It Time To Seek PR Coverage For Your Startup? Here’s How You Know…

That thing/idea that you are working on is clever – boy is it clever! You do it like nobody else…But you know what? Maybe it’s time you turned that idea/thing that you do into a business.
It’s a great opportunity to do something that you love doing, and make a living off of it too. It’s called a startup – many of them fail but maybe yours will be a winner. You just need to make sure there really is a business there and you are not just doing something you enjoy doing just for…well…fun.

If you, are doing that, STOP! Get a real job!

If you aren’t, it’s time to tell some people about your product and what it does. That way you can quickly tell if it’ll work – if others seem interested and get excited about it then you are on to a winner – if the response is a pair of shrugged shoulders and a “meh” then it’s back to the drawing board.

It really is as simple as that.

First find out what people you know think! But you can do this yourself, right? You can go to some pitching events, do some networking, maybe fire off an email campaign, and then you may be able to know what, say, 500 people feel about your product. But it’s not enough – and besides, somebody can tell you they like your idea, but persuading them to invest in it, or buy it, or even use it is a different matter entirely.

So your 500 people can, at best, tell you that you need to invest in some PR. PR will do your persuading for you – they will use TV, media, print, and online if they can, and if you give them a big enough budget, but what they will be doing more than anything else is telling the world at large that you are ready. That you know your product will work, that you know people will want it, and it’s just a matter of getting the party started.

That is how successful PR should feel. Like putting the rubber stamp, the final seal of approval, on your product or service. Adding the brand – the final varnish that says – yep – we’re gonna be here for a while, and you will know us as a cute dolphin in a red ring because that is the logo we decided upon after a long weekend “boiling the ocean” about it in the Cotswolds.

Remember PR is your friend!

It should not exceed your own expectations of how big your product can be.

It should not sound unfamiliar.

It shouldn’t make you panic because nothing that anybody says about your product should make you panic. You should be able to answer every question about it because you have answered it a thousand times before in your head.

It shouldn’t exceed your own expectations because if it does, it probably isn’t possible – no company really ever gets bigger than its founder does – that wouldn’t make sense. If you are surprised how parochial your own ambitions for your brand were when you start getting positive PR it’s not fatal, but it needs to be addressed.

It should not sound unfamiliar because if it does it probably isn’t true, or at least not workable – and it may also mean your PR team did not really understand what your product was – well, maybe they can just make a flashy video with lots of beeps and lights and nobody will know the difference.

PR is a hit and miss business – just like the world of tech startups and in many ways that makes the two industries the perfect bedfellows. If your PR and your business are aligned – you have a chance – if it isn’t, you could fail with a product people actually want! Now that just doesn’t seem fair now, does it?

Keep on hustlin’

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