Insightful Gems from Your Startup Heroes

Advice? Pah!

Advice is for the weak. It’s for those who need a cotton-wool cloud around them, to make sure they don’t bump themselves too hard on the way down.

Nope. You, my friends, need insight. Real insight from the trail blazers who came before you. Who have already been through the rough and ready ride of being a startup – and come out shining on the other side.

So let’s get straight to it. Here are awesome tips from your startup heroes – to inspire you, motivate you, and kick your arse when you’re feeling lazy!

Be Fearless

“Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it, the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.” – Arianna Huffington

When it comes to being a bad-ass hero, or heroine in this case – Arianna Huffington ranks pretty high in my list. So when she’s telling you to develop your fearlessness muscle – you better get in the gym and work it!

Slow Down

“It’s natural to be in a hurry to get product out the door, but take a breath first and really gauge where you are. Slow down when it comes to key decisions.” Dan Belcher – Stackdriver

This might seem totally antithetical. First to the post, right?

Wrong. The more you rush, the more likely you are to make bad mistakes. And when it comes to startups, you really can’t afford to make too many crappy mistakes. So slow down. Take a moment. It’ll pay off.

Hire thoughtfully

“Hiring ahead of demand is the fastest way to burn through money.” David Mytton – Server Density.

Remember that the people who make up your team are your most valuable asset. So when it comes to choosing who comes on board, do it thoughtfully, with real consideration.

Finding people that gel with your team is never easy – but when you get that perfect synchronicity – it’s total magic. Always keep a lookout for good talent, even if you’re not thinking of hiring immediately. 

It’s all about the user

“If you are genuinely helping people work more effectively, you will get pulled into companies.” Matthew Bellows – Yesware

You’ve got to keep your eye on the prize. And that prize is happy customers. Don’t lose sight of what your user wants – if they’re coming up with problems, you need to respond to them fast. Long story short – make sure that you always listen to them!

Be prepared to fail

“Learn the hard lessons up front with a wide audience without being restricted by platform and store limitations.” Dan Foody – Cloze

Last but definitely not least. Learning to fail is probably one of the most important lessons anyone who is even dreaming of running a startup should take on board.

And Foody’s words aren’t just about learning to dust yourself off and get back up again after a fall. It’s about preparing to fail – and creating the opportunity to learn as much as you can from it. You know that you need to get a sizeable audience to refine your product before you can give it the go-ahead – make sure you do this in the most effective way.


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