If Your Marketing Team Aren’t Doing These Five Things For You, It Might Be Time For A Change

Appointing a marketing team is a key part of any business strategy, but all too often, it’s the marketing team telling the business what they plan to do.

This is all well and good if they are delivering exceptional results, but if you were hoping for more from your marketing agency, perhaps it’s time to wrestle back control.

If your marketing team aren’t doing these five things for you, consider a switcher-oo!

  1. Leads – crucial, and like crumpets, leads are better when they are warm. There are many ways of obtaining leads, and ok, it may be worth biding your time, but any marketing agency worth their salt should be sending you a steady stream of potential clients they are talking to. There simply isn’t an excuse not to be.
  2. Visibility – you should always be able to “see” what your marketing team are doing for you. When you are scrolling through your social media accounts, for example, and when you check your emails, “hear” them when you are conference calling across all your different teams, wherever they may be based, and, occasionally “touch” them when you meet face-to-face which should happen at least once every couple of months, if not more often.
  3. Actionability – a good marketing agency will be consultative – that doesn’t mean doing nowt, and then claiming they were waiting for instruction / direction, that means making plans and running them by you before they are actioned. A top agency will have no qualms about producing detailed campaign plans, and if you don’t like, chucking them in the garbage and starting all over again.
  4. Accountability – “Well, we tried our best, but we guess your product just isn’t marketable”. No, no, no, no, NO! That is the wrong attitude and never hire a marketing agency that says things like this. It is not for your marketing agency to tell you when to quit – they should never die wondering – they should always have a new strategy ready to unleash.
  5. Looking at the longer term – an agency that is not looking at least 6 months ahead is showing you that maybe they don’t want to be there in 6 months’ time, and honestly, what good is a short-term marketing strategy, unless you have specifically requested one as part of a wider business plan? 3 years is a reasonable amount to work with an agency before you start casting around for new one – after all, they are not so very different from one another, and you will learn a lot by seeing out contracts out to the bitter end – and have plenty of mistakes to learn from.

A teeny plug, if we may. Looking to roll out a new product or revamp an existing one. Need help – at HHH, we offer all kinds of marketing guidance and we’d be very willing to hear you out and offer you our two-pence worth, maybe, over the longer term, in exchange for your two pence worth ; )


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