Hustlers! How to Stay Creative with Your Frugal Startup

Being the Hustler in your startup team means that it’s your job to keep a beady eye on all the money side of things. And that means sometimes you’ve got to pay extra sharp attention to the bottom line – because wasting money is not going to do your budding business any favours! So it’s time to get frugal. Luckily for you though, being frugal can open up some surprisingly creative doors – read on to find out about them!

Get creative

So your resident Hipster is dreaming of the perfect industrial-minimalism-meets-forest-wonderland aesthetic for your office space. Team Hacker meanwhile has a shopping list of all the essential tech you’ve got to have to succeed. And you? You’re left wondering how exactly you’re going to pay for it all! If that sounds familiar, then it’s time to tap into your creativity – big time.

You can achieve a surprising amount when you’re setting up on a shoestring – from getting a little more creative about the space you use (check out sites like Sharedesk to find unique work spaces where you are!) to looking for deals on equipment (discount codes aren’t just for online shoe shopping!), you can save a lot on your budget, by doing things a little differently.

Learn to do more – with less

Another essential question to ask when your team’s wish lists start piling up: How much of all of that do you actually need to succeed? Is that espresso machine with wi-fi and a built-in massage table really that necessary? 

When you’re just starting up and working with a small team of people, you might not need quite as much as you think you do, just yet. Extra perks, extra equipment, extra furnishing – if you can do without the extras to begin with, you’ll learn to work brilliantly with a lean budget – without feeling like you’ve left something out.


You might have your eye on the PR firm of your dreams, but before you sign someone up, take a second to think about whether this is something you could do yourself. After all, those awesome Hipsters on your team already have a brilliant head for dealing with social media – and your resident Hacker can clue everyone in on how to use analytics!

Doing the marketing and PR yourself isn’t going to be easy. It definitely means extra leg-work, as well as making sure everything in your startup is going smoothly. And once you get the ball rolling, you probably will need the outside help to make sure you’re getting your business out there. But when you’re just hitting the ground and keeping a close eye on the numbers, multi-tasking extra roles like this is a brilliant way of staying frugal – and succeeding.

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