Hustlers! How to Hustle With Finesse

Sales gets a bad rap. It’s a common ‘phobia’ of many people – to be greeted by a salesman. These days you need to really hustle with finesse to have people come to you, rather than run the opposite direction. So how do you go about not to becoming the neighbourhood stalker, but still achieve great results? Let’s look at 6 things you should keep in mind when trying to ‘sell’:

1. Forget your product

Sounds odd? Well, it’s not. You are selling to someone, so think about them first and foremost. Don’t come in and lead with your service. It will do nothing to convince people to buy. What problems of theirs will you solve? What would they gain from buying your product/service? Talk about them and they will keep listening. Your sale should be 80% about the client and 20% about your startup and the service.

2. Why now? Why this service?

Can you answer these questions convincingly? If the person you’re appealing to asks you why should I buy your service, can you be 100% certain your answer will get them to buy? No? Then, maybe, they shouldn’t be buying from you. Your job as a Hustler is to convince people to take action. It’s up to you to make sure they press ‘Pay’. If you don’t display confidence about the service, why should they trust you?

3. Mind your data

Don’t be a fool and don’t go out into the world without prior doing extensive research. If you can, set up an A/B test – and then carefully analyse the results. Look over every little bit of information about your potential target market – demographics, age, average income, interests. It is rather silly to think that just by looking at data from other companies with similar services you’ll be all prepared for what’s to come. No. No. No! Your startup needs to keep a watchful eye on their own data.

4. Keep it simple

You need to attract customers. Your egregious attempts at impressing someone with your vocabulary will probably do you more damage than good. People like things easy. It’s simple as that. We live in the ‘skim through’ age, where only one of a hundred will take time to actually read a text longer than 500 words. You need to get to the point, and fast. Use simple terms, explain your services and benefits by using easy to grasp concepts and metaphors. Keep people interested by keeping it short, sweet and simple!

5. Respond. Now!

You’re sipping your coffee in silence, perhaps nodding to that faint sound of steps in the hallway. Suddenly you get an email notification – someone sent you an inquiry about your services.
-Fantastic! You say to yourself, – I’ll reply after I get that onion bagel from downstairs.
No. Reply. Now! You need to reply to an inbound inquiry as soon as possible. Don’t put it off an hour, or two, or maybe a day. Every minute you are losing the interest of the other party.
Imagine placing a box of chocolates on the table and someone asking if they can try some. You smile and walk away, thinking you’ll reply after that coffee break. Guess what – either you’ll find your chocolates all missing, or they’ll have gone and gotten their own. People lose interest quickly. If you don’t reply within the same day, you can practically kiss that potential client good-bye!

6. Your job isn’t done until that payment is cleared

You heard me. Well, it’s actually never done, but I don’t want to be a complete downer. 😉
Say you’ve landed a big customer. And you think that now would be the perfect time to take a couple days off. Wrong! What if they suddenly develop doubts, email you about it, but you’re in Tahiti sipping on a Piña Colada? Guess what? Your deal just fell through!
You have to be in touch with the client from start to finish. You have to be available until after the payment has cleared.

Lots to remember! But put in the effort and you’ll soon be the Master Hustler!

Comment bellow, we want to know your experiences hustling out there. And don’t forget to share with your startup buddies!

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