Hustlers – Heads Up! Your Tech Startup Team Needs You to Follow These Rules

Not everyone out there is blessed with a head for numbers. But Hustlers – you know who you are. You know that familiar feeling of scanning an opportunity and sizing it up in a nano-second, seeing the cracks that the money could drain through in an instant, or that amazing sense of potential that gets you all excited. And this keen sense of intuition? It’s really, really important. Because after all the creative buzz of the Hacker and slick, stylish design of the Hipster dies down, what really matters is the role of the Hustler. You’re the glue that keeps everything together. You’re the one that will make everything happen. And this is why your team needs you to follow these essential Hustler rules:

Do the research

The hustler knows something that the Hipster and Hacker tend to lose sight of. In fact, it nags away at the back of your head like a really annoying buzzing fly. And that’s the fact that without proper funding, this startup dream ain’t going nowhere. For all the amazing creative ideas your team comes up with, you know that having the right funding to back it all is essential. And finding it takes some hardcore research. You’ll need to prove why there’s a need for what you’re doing, and size up the gap in the market. But that’s all cool. While it might sound like the lamest thing in the world to someone else – for the Hustler, you’re right in your element here!

Stay on top

You love your team! They’re amazing, creative people who are coming up with awesome ideas round the clock. But sometimes? They get a little carried away, right?
Your job as the Hustler is to stay on top of things for them. They’re going to want to play, invent and spiral into all kinds of weird ideas. Which is cool. Sometimes the most brilliant things can come up out of these improv jam sessions. But sometimes it can end up flying totally into La-La Land, coming up with “brilliant” new products that no one actually wants. So while you may not be doing the creating – you should be paying attention to make sure you’re still on track for what your audience actually wants. And this leads us neatly on to the next rule…

Keep your eye on the prize

Probably the most important and practical rule out there for the Hustler. You’re the one who’s made sure you secure all those practical things like funding. You’ve kept a tight rein on your creative team to make sure they stay on top of the actual product you’ve set out to create.
Now? Now it’s time to keep your eye on the prize, and make sure nothing gets in the way of you getting there!
And this means sticking really closely to all those little things others are going to want to dismiss. Things like making sure you stay on budget, have your accounting in order, sorted out tax properly, and are meeting your deadline goals. Ultimately, your team really needs you to keep the focus strong for them all!

So are you the Hustler in your team? How do you make sure you stick to these rules? Let us know!

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