Are You the Hustler in Your Tech Startup Dream Team?

Watch out – here comes the Hustler!

You’d better have space on your credit card ‘cos you’re about to buy a new app.

Are You the Hustler?

The Hustler is the entrepreneurial soul, the business brains keeping the whole project a profitable one.  While the Hacker creates something amazing, and the Hipster makes it look and feel beautiful, the Hustler is the one who makes sure the whole project is something the client wants.  Something they’re ready to reach into their wallets and pay hard cash for. Success to the Hustler isn’t just making something cool.  It’s making those numbers on the bottom line of your balance sheet look cool too.

The Hustler is the Hand-Shaker

You’re the one out there making deals and partnerships.  Taking your app from just another pretty looking thing hidden amongst thousands at the AppStore, to something that’s on everybody’s iPads, phones and lips. The Hustler understands and loves terms like ‘USP’, ‘Cashflow’, ‘elevator pitch’.  The Hustler gets up on stage and knows how to get people excited.

Where the Hipster’s the Heart and the Hacker’s the Brain – the Hustler is the Boots

You’re the boots of the project forreasons:

  1. You do all the footwork with this project, and you love it. Visiting prospects, investors, potential partners, networking events, checking out competitors.
  2. You keep your team’s feet firmly on the ground and connected to reality. Where the Hipster and Hacker would love to fly off into fantasy land, you’re testing and researching, finding out what’s real and what people really want out there.
  3. You’re the one who creates an avatar of your ideal client and puts it up on the wall of the office, pointing at it regularly shouting at the Hipster, “Yes, but is it what HE wants?!”
  4. You’re the one who keeps the business standing, running and flying 12 months from startup.  You pay attention to costs, raising money, cash-flow, accounting, tax.  Like it or not, you know its importance to the project.  And you’ve got the discipline to stay on top of it.
  5. You give the others an occasional kick up the bum when things are dragging, and goals aren’t being hit.

Hipster-Hustler Friction

To the Hipster, you represent ‘The Man’, selling out to make a quick buck.  Friction can arise where you put your foot down on some element the Hipster just loves and can’t let go of, but all the evidence shows the market just doesn’t care. As you argue, the Hacker watches, sipping coffee, bemused.  Just waiting for you two to stop nitpicking so he can get on with making cool s**t happen.

Qualities of a Great Hustler

You have passion. You’re driven. You’re open-minded and flexible. You want to be the best. But you don’t let your ego get in the way of results and success – if something isn’t working, you admit it, drop it and start afresh. You’re a people-person. You love to sell, and don’t have any hang-ups about selling hard.  You’re a shameless self-promoter. You manage money well. You plan, and stick to it (more or less). You know how to bring out the best in others. You study and self-improve relentlessly.

But you have one limitation – you don’t know what the word ‘no’ even means.

So, are You the Hustler in your tech startup team?

Tell us if you are!


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