How to Nail the Perfect Pitch for Your Tech Startup

Your Hacker’s been hard at work developing the most amaze-balls product ever. Your Hipster’s got it looking so fresh it makes your eyes sting. And now it’s your turn in the spotlight. Hustlers, step up! It’s time to learn how to nail that perfect pitch that will be the starting point to turn all your efforts into the success you deserve.

The pitch isn’t always about getting that fat and shiny cheque from an investor to back you up. The pitch is the battle ground where you show any would-be investors out there that you really mean business. That you know your stuff. And that you’re willing to fight for it. So how do you wow them with your pitch? Read on!

Less is more

When it comes to a pitch – remember that no one has the time or the effort to sit around and listen to a sermon from you. Your pitch should be short, sharp and totally on point. Long winded explanations? A stack of Powerpoint slides? This stuff is not going to impress anyone – in fact they’re more likely to switch off entirely. Think about how you can sum up your business within the first few minutes because if they switch off in that time, then you might as well pack your bags now.

What are you doing with all that money?

When you’re pitching to an investor, chances are that what you plan to do with all that money is going to be a pretty major question. In fact, go read Scott Gerber’s own experience of pitching to an investor. And finding himself squirming in the spotlight when the investor challenged his proposed sum of $15 million. Lesson to be learned from that? Know exactly what you plan to do with that money. And how it’s going to be spent because you can be sure that you’re going to be interrogated over every single penny.

Capture their attention

It’s understandable that you’re going to feel some nerves before your pitch. After all, the stakes are high – and you know that getting support could be really transformative but don’t let your apprehensions get in the way of performance on the day. Your presentation should be memorable – and for all the right reasons!
Remember the old saying – “Show, don’t tell.” This is totally apt – you don’t want to talk people’s ears off but show people what the problem is – and how your solution is really, really awesome. Get inspired by looking at some of these great startup tips!

Do your research

When you’re doing a tech pitch, you’re kind of putting yourself out in the firing line to face some seriously tough questions. That’s all ok though. Because you’re going to do all your research first, right? Right?!
Make sure you know everything about your product, your audience, your team and your competitors. Inside. Out. And on top of that, make sure you know what makes the people on the other side of the table really tick.

Tell us about your pitch experiences! What’s been really awesome? And what has truly sucked? We want to know it all!

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