Hipsters! How To Make Sure Your Social Media Strategy is On Point

You might be a total ace when it comes to social media. Your personal Instagram account is probably a pretty glorious mix of mouth watering foodporn, editorial-worth fash shots, and of course, plenty of motivational messages for when you’re feeling the slump. But when it comes to transferring your social media magic to your startup, it’s not always as easy as posting an inspiring quote or a quirky video on your Facebook page. You need a little more savvy. So what do you do? Read on for some great tips!

Don’t jump on every single bandwagon

More isn’t always more – definitely not when you’re trying to manage a business’s social media. It’s easy to think that the more places you can be found, the more exposure you’re going to get – and ultimately, more customers! But it’s far better to focus your efforts on a few channels that are really going to pay off, than trying to spread yourself too thin.
A good place to start is by asking yourself what channels your audience are likely to be using. Are they chronic Tumblr addicts, or glued to their Instagram feed? Are they more inclined to check in on LinkedIn occasionally, or do they keep up to speed with Twitter? This means spending time to do some research – but it’ll pay off!

Schedule your posts

Now that you’ve got the right channels sorted out, on to the next stage. It’s really important to update your posts frequently – and regularly. Occasional bursts of posting on a sporadic basis won’t help to get your audience engaged – they’ll never be sure when you might post something new again. The problem is – you’ve kind of got a million other things to do, right? So who has time to post a blog post right on time? Easy solution. Schedule it. Use an editorial calendar to help you set out a schedule of what to post, and when. Brandeo provides a great calendar which is goals-focused, making it easy to stay on top of what you hope to achieve.

Alerts and analytics

Social media – as you already know, is not a one-way conversation. You want to get people hyped up about you – and most of all, you want to get the inside scoop on what exactly they’re saying about your startup! So how can you do this? Set up alerts! Alerts can be set up to flag mentions of your company name, which is a brilliant way of seeing when someone’s talking about you, and gives you a cue to jump in to the conversation. But another great point to set alerts for are relevant keywords related to your field – this is a good way of seeing what issues are trending, and what’s going on across the industry.

On to analytics. Think of them as the busy, teeming underbelly of the social media beast. Analytics give you a detailed and quantified picture of what’s happening across your social media activity – from how many people are following you, to which of your posts turned people on – and which ones had them switching off. Pretty useful to know about, right?

There are lots of free tools around to help you – check out 9 of the best over on Pamorama!

Feeling clued up on startup social media? Excellent – go forth and conquer!

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