Hipsters – Here Are 3 Essential Social Media Tips for Your Startup!

Ever watched the wild success stories of other startups exploding over your social media platforms – with just a tiny bit of envy? It’s ok. We’re only human! But there’s a pretty important lesson to learn in the middle of all that envy, too.
Those drool-worthy tales of startup success just go to show how having a brilliant social media strategy in place can really help to catapult your success. Get it right, and you can really cement your brand ahead of your competition!
So how do you do it? Read on – there are some juicy tips in store:

Sort out your strategy first

Before you send a single Tweet, set up a Pinterest board or get started on Facebook, you need to take a major step back, and think about what you’re going to be doing. Because jumping into the fray before having a clue about what you’re going to do never really works in real life. Instead, start off by thinking about your startup’s goals. Who is your audience? And how do you really want to be seen by people? Are you a chill, easy-going startup that loves to have a laugh with people – or are you aiming to connect with no-nonsense people who like to keep things straightforward?
You’ll want to make sure that every post you share fits in with the culture you want to convey to people – there’s nothing more off-putting than a confusing mess of misleading messages – so establish this clearly first!

Choose your social networks

You’re not going to need a profile on every single social media platform out there. Choosing your social networks wisely will save you a lot of time and energy – so that you’re not wasting valuable resources on something that’s not going to pay off! So how do you choose what’s really going to be best for you?

Simple – go where your customers are most likely to be. Facebook might boast one of the biggest audiences of any social media channel out there – with over a billion users last August, as Mark Zuckerberg proudly noted – but if your people aren’t likely to be major users, then you might want to focus your energy elsewhere. Think about key factors such as your audience’s target age, location and who your services are really aimed at.

Thinking of growing? Use social media to recruit!

When you’re looking for the best talents out there to expand your team, where do you start your search? How about you let them come to you, instead? You’ve got the advantage of exposure to potentially millions of people. And you can really share the best of your company culture, values and the incredible milestones you’ve achieved. In short – you can use social media to tell people just how crazy and awesome life at a startup can be – and find someone who’s going to have the enthusiasm, passion and energy needed to be a part of your team!

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