Hipsters! Find Out the 5 Essential Qualities that Make Good Design for Startups!

Hipsters – we know that you guys are all over making things look and feel totally awesome and impeccable. But when it comes to designing for a startup, you really can’t afford to mess up.
The German designer, Dieter Rams once came up with the “Ten Commandments” of design – take a look at them on this great guide! The design of your product and brand – as well as how you put yourself out to the rest of the world – is going to make a huge impact on how successful you’re likely to be.
So we’ve got the skinny on what really makes good design. Read on for invaluable tips!

1. Less is more

The best design is always the simplest. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to aim for super stark and austere minimalism. What it does mean is that you should concentrate on only having the essentials. Anything else that’s only filler – well, it’s taking up valuable space and attention, and could actually turn people off from you.

2. Be totally thorough

There’s no room for error or sloppy mistakes. Especially when you’re a startup business, hoping to catch your big break. This means that nothing should be left to chance. Spot a mess or a little mistake somewhere? No matter how trivial it might seem to you, you should never ignore it. The last thing you want is a potential customer or investor pointing them out to you later on!

3. It should look good – and do good too

It goes without saying that the hallmark of great design is that it looks pretty awesome. But design is about more than having a nice-looking exterior. If your product or website doesn’t work smoothly, there’s no amount of prettiness that can fix it. You need to make sure that your product works smoothly and seamlessly, making users feel good about being a part of it!

4. It should make sense

How many times have you seen something that looks good – but you haven’t got a clue about what it is or how it works? Realise that no one has time to sit around and figure out all the details about your super-clever design. If your product isn’t clear and obvious to your end user, then you need to go back to the design drawing board and start again.

5. It should stand the test of time

While there are always going to be trends in the design world, you need to be wary of trying to be too fashionable. Because while your design might look good now, it could soon end up looking out of date by the time the trend moves on again – which is usually pretty quick. So choose a design that is both contemporary and timeless – you want people to enjoy seeing it for a long time, after all!

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