Hipster + Hacker + Hustler = Your Tech Startup Dream Team

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Entrepreneurial spirit crackles in the crisp London air as our tech startup scene grows faster than Silicon Valley.
Yes, if you’re new in tech today – London’s an exciting place to be.
We saw the 30,000 hungry investors, entrepreneurs and programmers swarm over the London Tech Week events in June. Our home grown tech sector is expected to grow by £12 billion over the next decade.  And I witness this wave first hand week by week as 300 new members join our swelling community each month looking for partners, funding and ideas.
Business is booming.  But for every hundred ambitious ideas, only a handful hit the kind of viral success we all crave.  Not everyone can be the next Instagram, Tinder, Whatsapp, or TransferWise.
Well, at least not first time round.

So what does it take to make it?  Apart from a killer concept, passion, vision, style, funding and marketing prowess, you gotta start with what matters most…

Your Crack Squad – a Hipster, a Hacker and a Hustler

The most successful tech startups are bang on the button in two key areas – programming and style.  And I think you’ll agree it’s a rare thing to have masterful programmer who’s also at the cutting edge of creative image, design, and well… just knowing what’s cool.
Likewise, it’s rare to find a genius graphic designer who’s also a programming whizz.  Not impossible, but rare.  The best of either world usually takes a specialist.
And then there’s the third component, the lifeblood of any startup – your sales, marketing and general business nounce.  Once again, this usually takes a very special individual, who’s far comfier shaking hands, giving presentations, charming prospects and doing market research than playing with colours or code on their computer screens.

So to make sure your startup thrives, what you need is a Hipster, a Hacker and a Hustler.  Which one are you?

The Hipster

The look, the feel, the cool of your product.  This is the domain of the Hipster.
With their finger on the style and fashion pulse of London and the web, the Hipster will be the one who connects your product brand to the hearts of the users.  He’s the one who ignites their imagination, makes ‘em smile when they see it and think ‘yeah, I wanna use this every day. This is cool.’
This is your designer, your creative genius.  The Hipster takes a functional and already OK-looking product and gives it some extra layer of quirkiness, colour or dash of retro charm that fits it perfectly into the current trend of what your prospect wants in their life.
Your key question for the Hipster: ‘Is this cool?’

The Hacker

Your programmer – the MacGyver of the bunch.  No tech startup can exist without one.
The Hacker is the magician behind the pretty face of your product, the master of functionality.  While the Hipster and Hustler only care about its look and feel and whether it solves a problem, the Hacker loves the intricacy of the code that makes the whole thing work so smoothly – all the tiny details which make the others’ eyes glaze over.
Your key question for the Hacker: ‘Can you make it do this?’

The Hustler

This is the person who makes the beautiful idea something which everyone actually has on their phone.
Ambitious, fire in their eyes, completely oblivious of failure.  The Hustler doesn’t know what ‘no’ means.  And sees the result in terms of profit margins and your bottom line.
Hustlers have vision but also have their feet firmly in reality, and keep them there with relentless market research.  The Hustler is obsessed with what the prospect is actually spending money on.
Your key question for the Hustler: ‘How do we make money from this?’
With over 6,500 people in our meetup groups, and from watching dream teams form daily, I can safely say this is the essential combo that makes a powerful tech startup shine.  If you’re missing any piece, it’s going to be an uphill struggle.

So, which one are You – hipster, hacker or hustler?

Comment below and let us know!


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