Hippety Hack Hustlin’ Happiness at Google Campus as HHH returns with a speed pitching classic

Yes, we’re back! As everyone sat shivering through January we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with a whole load of weird and wonderful new projects, but last night it was back to Google Campus for our legendary and long anticipated first speed pitching and co-founder dating event of the year, with fantastic prizes and the best gathering of HHHers in London!

First of all we felt we had to tell you about some of the stuff we’ve been up to as it has been a pretty huge few months for us since we saw you last. There’s our new website, www.h-h-h.co where we’ll be moving most of our Meet-up details and all of your wonderful profiles soon, so pay us a visit and let us know what you think. We will have our own jobs board which goes live very soon, so if you have any roles to advertise drop us a line we’ll fill you in on all the details and provide a wonderful personalised service. Happy job hunting!

Next we are opening the doors to our new co-working space in Wapping, 40,000 sq. ft. of space for startups of all kinds and across all sectors. Oh yes, and we have pirate ships too, come and see!

Finally before we lay out last night’s pitchers for you so you can comment, edit, promote and discuss your amazing ideas with each other and, a word from our sponsors; and by the way, they are not just sponsors, we are their clients too, and if we’re getting into bed with them, well you know they must be pretty hot stuff!

Firstly, Tech evangelists Amy and Bianca presented on behalf of Microsoft, who as we all know are pioneers in the fields of cloud computing with their super-duper cloud offering Azure and easy to use, open and flexible browser based web portals. You only pay for what you need, in other words, so your business is optimised. More processing power and storage when you need it, cheaper bills when you don’t. The guys hold a weekly webinar on Tuesday’s and run cloud dev camps and web dev camps, which are FREE to attend. So get yourselves along to one of them people! Amy and Bianca also gave us our top prizes for the evening, a top of the range Nokia smartphone, and…wait for it…an Xbox onesie. Serious wearable tech wow factor!

Waterfront Solicitors gave a presentation on the importance of protecting your Intellectual Property; Chloe Taylor is their expert and she was full of helpful advice and industry insight. It’s a 65 billion dollar business after all. Waterfront are a young, boutique solicitors exclusively advising tech start-ups, described by their clients as “unflappable, with excellent commercial judgment”. You can download their latest White Paper here and take advantage of this special offer for a less than £1k, which is pretty awesome deal for legal services.

Finally our man Tony at Sign-Up.To has produced one of the very best email marketing platforms out there. Email is still the most effective marketing channel, with 20x the rate of success to any other medium, so get on board! As Tony put it (in 12 words, to be precise): email marketing platform; connect, engage, sell; How? Free account! When? Here! Now! Here’s the deets: http://www.signupto.com/hipsters-hackers-hustlers/.

Finally, finally, it was time for the pitches: so here goes; you know we have these on video too and you will be able to see those shortly, but we think it’s fun to add our own little summaries and see how accurate we can be; see if you can spot yourself in the list below, and tell us if we got your number or not! Or perhaps you’re looking for somebody to invest in or you’re a dev looking for work; you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Max – works at Lloyds Banking Group by day (boo!), helps the United Nations in his spare time (yay!) the rules of the UN are changing and this is your chance to help them get it right this time. They are holding a hackathon on 22nd Feb to help establish what their next goals should be – get involved. Kofi Annan’s deputy is heavily involved in the project.
  2. George – George is here for your grandparents, but not in a sinister way! His start-up provides memory storage capacity for the elderly. Sign up your grandparents or your great aunts at memorystore.com
  3. Bola – Automatos is an analytics start-up providing sophisticated analysis of cars and vehicles to make them smarter! He has almost completed his seed round and is looking for advisors in the hardware and consumer biz. A senior figure at Mclaren is already on board, for more details call Bola!
  4. Lauren – works for Rackspace, and wants you to hear about all of the wonderful free hosting they can offer! If you didn’t catch them last night you can find them here!
  5. Nick – Speedy Route is a route delivery planner, a massive problem solver for the travelling salesman. Nick has big growth plans and is keen to share them with devs and investors please!
  6. David – wants to know who wants developers! Because he is one, and a good one at that! So remember this website: seddonym.me Django and Python specialist;
  7. Chris – lives upstairs at Google Campus, where he is building the world’s safest bike! Safer in collisions with buses or impact with cars thanks to new technology; speak to Chris for more details;
  8. Pamela – we’re all aware of social issues and bombarded by requests for help; Pamela needs help building the platform that will solve social ills by making it easier for us to help, with journalism and different media channels;
  9. Denis – a PHD qualified scientist who is changing the rules of how scientific research is conducted with his new platform; he’s looking for a future CTO!
  10. Jonathan – his company is IP21; do you want, or need a patent for your business? Jonathan wants to talk to you; if you couldn’t grab a hotdog with him last night send him one of those email thingys.
  11. Ikeden – his mum thinks he’s mad to be an entrepreneur, but he’s still created whohair.com which takes the pain out of all things haircut related; he’s looking for devs and investors, WINNER!!!
  12. Fadi and Zaid – are revolutionising the online forum space, using a cluster based system; devs should get in touch with them!
  13. This guy – has created a new tech model to makes it easier to protect your home and family; better! Safer! Smarter!
  14. Conan – a scientist who wants to help the world move forward by understanding more about it, and making big data simpler; Join him on his journey, he’s looking for a co-founder
  15. Laura – and her co-founder Jason are running an events biz that is fast growing in one of the fastest growing markets! They have an amazing biz model and an awesome platform; more detail please guys!
  16. Stefano – runs a social enterprise / marketplace involving charities; his problem is he needs help building the website; devs, get in touch!
  17. Alice – is a freelance web designer; she’s looking for clients, she’s great at what she does; talk to her!
  18. Dave – amongst other things, Dave’s growing his hair for a bet! Hi platform incorporates many different media channels, phones, mobiles, laptops, into one simple cloud offering for mid-sized companies;
  19. Julien – French, but not a fan of snails; full stack developer looking for amazing projects and ideas to work on;
  20. James – banker by day founder of Panda by night, an awesome guide to bars and events; join him for an amazing opportunity and lots of travel to places like Ibiza; he needs co-founders;
  21. Vinay – can find you top interns for your business! Capital Placement; good for you, good for the intern; hooray!
  22. John – an iPhone developer fresh from winning a big international competition! What was it? Ask John!
  23. Claude – asked us to put our hands in the air and conducted a little social experiment; he’s a social media guru with a pretty awesome idea; find out more!
  24. This guy – can make u=you an explainer video for your company that will delight your prospective customers! He’s funded by the Technology Strategy Board and makes awesome videos. Try him;
  25. Marosh – its Feb. almost Valentines and love is in the air; Marosh is feeling the love and wants to help you with your IOT projects, UX and UI;
  26. Ricky – is the founder of FOBI, which stands for Full of Bright ideas; he needs Ruby developers to help develop his site;
  27. Jesse – PMO / VC / Incubator – makes partnerships happen; ok so we need more detail on this one!
  28. Xavier – Oddchip connects with your PC with your iPhone to make a headset; like Oculus Rift!
  29. Michael – a web developer whose speciality is angular JS; iamthespecialist.com;
  30. This guy is a popular figure at our events; his company manages your digital heritage for you after you have passed away; talk to him; while there’s still time!
  31. Maillan – Smartie gets you to the top of the search engine rankings and gets results fast by being generally brilliant…WINNER!!!!
  32. Martin – builds apps for iPhone, MVP or full product; tinyshinyapps.com
  33. Federico – connect with nature, organise trips like wine tasting and feel better in body and soul; company founded by 3 brothers’; masterias.com?
  34. Flower peddler; cool name, cool company! Arrange delivery of a bouquet of flowers in under 90 minutes; 2bn dollar industry, looking for co-founders;
  35. CEO of Modeblock, looking to bring freelancers and game developers together; need a techie co-founder; sporting a stylish Yankee’s cap!
  36. Maya – has a brilliant new fashion site; follow trends, follow people! Very cool, help Maya develop her product;
  37. Kiu – has an education start-up, explain.me; learning takes time but these guys make it worthwhile!
  38. Hanson – is revolutionising the world of low fat recipes from the US to Dubai to London; get in touch if you are a developer who loves food!
  39. Charles; Propertycrunch.co simplifies the world for property developers; needs a developer for the back end;
  40. Christoph – open cinema; don’t go to a rubbish half empty cinema, join Christoph’s crusade instead! Based on a tech accelerator in Sheffield; can offer new experiences to techies
  41. Message for start-ups and entrepreneurs; your product is nothing without a brand evangelist to make things happen for you; tell the world about your project with the help of this person!
  42. Serge – bringing interns to medium sized companies to help give them a chance; not for profit;
  43. Being at a bus stop with no timetable drives you crazy; so does looking for a new job; just as confusing; Linkwise is a new method to make it easier; co-founders please!
  44. Jo – Krypto Lab cyber security; looking to talk to…anyone!
  45. HELLO! Says this chap; “I help start-ups simplify their message; perhaps you should come and talk to me?” concise;
  46. Blogdrop – that’s Blogdrop! Effective and efficient, looking for a biz analyst
  47. It’s the chap from Smartie; this times he’s plugging Bit Bee; check it out!
  48. This founder does personalised itinerary planning and you need to talk to him about his project!
  49. Gill; is a designer for analogue games; very simple, coders and devs, speech recognition; Ok?
  50. Shah; a dev who is developing a IOT style stick for the blind; motion and proximity sensing; looking to discuss with interested parties;
  51. Luca – B2B platform to help small media enterprises and stop losses of £35 billion; more detail if you can please!
  52. Samir – helping 130 countries find internships in tech companies for wonderful people!
  53. Robbie – dev, “whatever you need, I’ll do it!” Apps, device drivers, the lot!
  54. James from Google! Wants to do a survey with you and buy you a coffee; its anonymous. Sign up at Campus Ldn.com
  55. Denis – wants to know how well you know your personal brand; he wants to help you manage and improve it but he needs some devs to help him!
  56. Paul – CEO and co-founder of a company that aggregates and sells parts for auto companies; coders please!
  57. Aaargh no details, sorry!
  58. Aargh no details, sorry!
  59. Chris helps start-ups grow, he provides help and consultancy; find him, seek him out!
  60. HELLO! It’s Krazy Kim; he’ll help you with your YouTube branding, marketing and SEO; he’s scattering biz cards wherever he goes!
  61. Martin – is a marketer for travel, financial services, with an excellent track record;
  62. Santosh – can help entrepreneurs because he’s an accountant doing everything from compliance to HMRC and Corporation tax; talk to him and save money and time!
  63. Quiqley and Uche; awesome project, a student led group brainstorming ideas at UCL, KCL, Imperial; creating MVP’s discussing plans for growth; collaborative start-up planning, from traction to projections;
  64. Does anyone use Slack? If so, this guy could be a very useful contact
  65. Raina DaCosta; Bizlaw.co.uk amazing lawyer for all your legal related start-up needs!

Ok folks, that’s your lot! Big thanks to everyone who turned out, pitched, mingled and hopefully you all had a wonderful time, we certainly did! We know we’re not perfect so we want your feedback; can you see yourself, give us more details and we’ll update the site! We’ll be linking our mini intros with our vids so watch this space, and keep hacking, hustling and hipstering! Let’s make 2015 a year to remember, and find the next Facebook, right guys?

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