HHH Co-founder Dating & Speed Pitching ICYMI; Special Guests GrantTree Explain How To Get Funded, Not, Fu****!

200 of you (London’s best-known developers and entrepreneurs)? Several of us (including water-pistol wielding volunteers)? 30 seconds on the timer? Why, it must be Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers Speed Pitching and Co-Founder Dating- o’ – clock!
Yes, December’s speed-pitching (first Monday of every month folks – except Jan) at the Campus of Google was packed to the ceiling fans once again – always remember to get there early folks, we have so many attendee’s security at GC won’t let any more in after the hall is full.
What makes the event so popular? Quite simply, there’s nothing else like it in London, nothing as raw, as passionate, as collaborative, or as successful when it comes with partnering ambitious founders with the people they need to make their businesses work!
And the speakers aren’t too shabby either!

Get Funded With GrantTree

Last night, Paulina Sygulska (@payah), founder of GrantTree was in the house explaining how entrepreneurs can apply for government funding and rebates for their early stage startup. “Stretch Your Funding, Keep Your Equity”, is Paulina’s polite way of explaining how to get funded and not fu… ahem…not funded.
Through the medium of the trials and tribulations suffered by a company, named “Woogle” ran by “Larry and Sergei”, Paulina guided us through some of the options this intrepid pair of entrepreneurs have when it comes to applying for and winning government funding.
The possibilities may surprise a few of you – there are many. For bootstrapping start-ups looking to build out an MVP and gain some traction ahead of a venture funding round, perhaps, there’s Innovate UK and their Innovation Grant funding for emerging and enabled technologies.
The government has budget to back different sectors, such as infrastructure ($150m) and manufacturing (£137m) and others besides; early stage start-ups can ask for as much as £25k – 20% received up-front, with 60% matched funding (you spend – government matches) paid quarterly in arrears.
But first you need to submit a presentation / business plan to HMRC, and that’s where GrantTree can help – Paulina’s company have helped start-ups raise more than £4m in funding, and will “trim the fat” from your bulky presentations and slide shows until you have something enthusiastic, pragmatic, sharp, smart, and winning!
And it doesn’t end there – you can also apply to be SEIS (seed enterprise investment scheme) and EIS (enterprise investment scheme) eligible, to raise either £45k or £150k from angel investors who will themselves benefit from attractive tax breaks. And, you can re-claw as much as £33.3k by claiming relief on your research and development spending.
Remember, Paulina, reminds us, there are 2 constants in life – death and taxes. Start-ups haven’t succeeded in disrupting death yet, (but don’t rule it out – age-ing baby-boomers should fix that soon) – but taxes – there are all sorts of ways you can play this. GrantTree work either on a payment for results basis, or charge a small, up-front consultancy fee.

The Pitches

Without further ado – let’s have a squizz at last night’s top pitches – apologies if we have missed anybody else – fee free to add your details, notes and shout-outs below – we’d love to make this your chat-board of choice for satisfying all of your start-up needs and desires.
Christoph – Hustler – Open Cinema
An entrepreneur’s belief that almost any open space can be converted into a cinema has resulted in Open Cinema, a nationwide network of film clubs “programmed by and for excluded or marginalised people”.
This start-up has already raised £250k to help folks transform, license and broadcast films in their chosen spaces, and Christoff says there are more than 250,000 eligible more spaces in the UK, ripe for disruption!
Want to help Christoff grow this incredible enterprise, which is already running 48 weekly events per year, running quarterly film seasons? Hit him up via the site.
Andrea – Hacker – 10K Startups
Need to build an MVP for your start-up? If you’re budget is in the region of 10k – we have the solution for you right here! 10K start-ups works with early stage companies and founders looking to get market ready asap. They will help you build your first MVP right up to the beta testing or customer stage.
If you want to develop your brilliant idea but don’t want the hassle of tough techie tasks holding you back – try these guys!
Sian – Hustler – Mojo Engage
“Get customers, not clicks – by using market automation to build a better business”. Mojo engage is an all in one marketing app that will help business save time on their marketing by automating everyday sales and marketing activities.
Founder Sian is looking for new team members to help him help more businesses win at marketing, and new customers to come on board and experience a CRM system that will send newsletters, deliver stunning email campaigns and let more leads come to you.
Funky site with a great video intro – go check it out!
Alex – Hipster – GoSweat
That awkward moment when the CTO you appointed just two weeks ago, decides they’d prefer to go on a round the world trip instead of building your MVP? Ouch! That’s the problem facing Alex, who is now looking (once again) for a co-founder who can help him develop a website and build a product from the ground up for his inspirational search, discover and book new sports activities site, Go Sweat.
Worth a look for the endorsements / testimonials alone – join Alex on his crusade by dropping him a line – or grab his attention right here on this page – and we’ll do our best to play start-up cupid. Oh yes.
Juan – Hustler – Sportscredit
Elite athletes can apply for advance funding from specialist lenders at the early stage of their careers by signing over a percentage of their future earnings via Sportscredit. You can immediately unlock up to 50% of your career contract earnings and arrange financing within 30 days – neat.
This interesting concept is open to elite professional athletes and Juan is throwing it open to HHH’ers to provide him with start-up resources, possible clients and the like.
It’s endorsed by footballer Rob Green, and racing driver Scott Williams – perhaps it can make the difference to a pro-athlete you know. You won’t know unless you ask.
Steve – Hustler – QDocs
QDocs will solve all your document management issues and is compatible with MS Office. So far so good. It can handle excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, and more, and offers advanced search capabilities.
Entrepreneur and founder Steve needs to make those final steps from the promising idea stage to bona fide disruptive start-up player by finding ) a co-founder, b) some customers and c) some money.
That’s quite the list, isn’t it Steve, but we’re hopeful you’ll find the right answers here – right HHH’ers?
Dr Beem Beeka – Hipster – Entrepreneur Career Centre
Empowering, developing and Promoting Entrepreneurship is what the Entrepreneurship Career Centre does best – “we build entrepreneurs!” says Dr. Beeka.
The Centre are currently looking for app developers to help build out training games and apps specifically designed for wannabe business owners – if you’re interested, get in touch.
Charles – Hacker – Unity and Motion
Unity and Motion helps brands build out their communications through film and video. The firm are based in Mayfair and boast clients including KPMG, Stella Artois and Foodies Festival. Charles is looking for a junior social media account exec to join the team and spread the message that brands can become thought leaders – could this be you?
Serena – Hipster – Weareallhere.org
Weareallhere offers “reciprocal mentoring” opportunities via a mentoring scheme, and an app, to 13-19 year olds, as well as inclusivity e-training and coaching programmes for the creative industry. This social enterprise need help with social media “and various other things”. If you want to help-out a dynamic project and get involved with creative youngsters you can visit the site, or the LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook page!
 Izzy – Hacker – NoMayo Digital
London based web-design agency NoMayo are digital designers and makers offering to build your MVP for you – this start-up run by two co-founders have worked with mumsnet, Damsel Productions and City Player Performance – anyone needing an MVP built by an exciting, creative team can apply here.
Samuel and Walyd – Hustlers – Worth of Mouth
17-year-old entrepreneurs, the Worth of Mouth team are sharing the stories of successful young people via their site, video content, guest blogging opportunities and up-to-date news and reporting.
The guys also have their own YouTube channel and want to speak with people who’d like to benefit from the 150,000 hits the site receives each month.
Fancy sponsoring an up and coming channel and mouthpiece for some of the UK’s hottest emerging talent, or putting a message out to an influential youth audience – this could be the channel for you.


Gobi Digital – fundraisers turned web-developers, this lot provide solutions for video production, SEO, Graphic design, social media, and mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns too!
RNSSNC Michel is completing 50 projects in 50 days all related to promoting projects relating to Cannabis! Watch the YouTube vids here! and learn about the business plan.
Rupert – Hipster – London Property Developer – Rupert is looking for a web-developer to help him roll out a couple of self-funded tech projects he has been quietly incubating – fancy joining him in his central London office? Rupertwallace.com

That’s all we can cover this time folks, don’t for get to spend some time on out amazing website and let us know how you think we can improve it – plus don’t forget we’re running an accelerator in the Caribbean and we’re looking for4 volunteers! For more details, or for the answer to any of your start-up related questions, just drop us a line here.

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