HHH Speedpitching #24; How To Build The Perfect Relationship With A Mobile Dev

These speed pitching nights fly by so fast it’s hard to keep track of them all but they have each been amazing in their own way thanks to the different keynote speakers we’ve had.
On Tuesday night it was the turn of Thibaut Rouffineau who gave a presentation called “Find me a Mobile Developer”. Thibaut has been working in the mobile industry for 10 years and remembers back in 2005 when mobile apps barely existed, before the release of the iPhone changed everything.

Everyone wanted to release a mobile app because it was a highly lucrative market, but there were high barriers to entry; you had to hire a mobile app development team. Then Android changed everything again as now you had to hire 2 different development teams, one for iOS and one for Android! The market suddenly went flat again.

Today, however, mobile development is as big as it’s ever been and growth is expected to spike still further. As Thibaut pointed out developers at companies like Instagram are worth more per employee than any other workers on the planet. So treat them nice! They are not your minions, and it’s up to you to sell your business idea and get them excited about what you are trying to achieve. Thibaut recommends calling them on a daily basis and setting daily goals to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Once the code is written it’s not easy to rewrite, and when it’s done, you’ll need to stay on the right side of the Dev team in case they need to carry out repairs, as well as employing a back end designer and an ops team to check everything is working correctly.
Phew! That’s a lot to think about; if you want to find out more (and trust me you do) you can reach Thibaut here and see his presentation here.

So before I tell you about the pitches let me briefly mention our incredible sponsors WeWork, Viber, Moo, EventNinja, Glisser and SnapZap, and remind you about some of the events we have planned for you all in the coming weeks….

TECHtoberfest is the big one at the London Fields Brewery on Friday, 2nd October, a celebration of London startups with a German festival twist; expect Oompah bands, live demos of the latest gadgets, apps and cool tech stuff, live music and free beer and food. Tickets are still available but hurry hurry we want to see YOU there! We’ve also got a ski trip planned, a start-up incubator in the Caribbean, and pitching on a roller coaster, all because we love you and want your business to be as successful as it can be!

Now, without further ado, here’s a few of my favourite pitches from last night and the the winners on the night. They are all looking for wonderful talented people to work with them so if you feel the urge, drop them a line and get involved in an exciting new project. It’s what it’s all about!

Maulik; Hustler; Innovify; helping founders get their apps right is exactly what Innovify are all about, plus they are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs and are planing to use the funds to invest in 3 start-ups. You can contact them here; Maulik and his 100 strong team want to empower brilliant ideas and “Innovify” them into successful businesses.

Prash; Hipster; Localoids; currently working out of the Travel Tech Lab near Tower Bridge the Localoids team have developed an app that allows travellers to explore cities by connecting with locals not guidebooks. Their aim is to unite global citizens, and create a global neighbourhood. Prash is looking for a co-founder and a head of product. Maybe you can help?

Al; Hustler; DevilBoy productions; independent video production company for start-ups who want a big company experience on an affordable budget, DevilBoy Productions have worked with some top start-ups and SMEs. Their starter pack is just £800 + VAT and they also offer a more advanced Director Pack and the ultimate experience, a Producer Pack. Every business must have an explainer video on their home pages these days so check out DevilBoys website for more info and an excellent blog with tonnes of video recording tips.

Fidel; Hipster; Democrio; Democracy for the digital age, Democrio is a platform that finds out what issues are most important to you and sends you regular news and debate to keep you informed and up-to-date. It’s social broadcasting run by you! Fidel is looking for a CTO and perhaps a co-founder who shares his vision and wants to make sure we grow up as politically engaged and informed citizens.

Claude; Hustler; SmaterQueue; the easiest way to do social media; scheduled tweets, auto-posts, balanced campaigns across different platforms, SmarterQueue will help you look like a professional social media marketer at a fraction of the price of outsourcing the work. More engagement, less hassle. Join the beta now for free!


And the winners on the night were:

Mary; Hustler; MemoryCo; your memories are one of your most precious commodities but those with neurological diseases are at risk of losing them, which can create emotional and social disorder for that person as well as their families and friends. MemoryCo aims to treat memory related illness with training programmes and provides realtime feedback to care-givers and physicians. Clinically driven memory solutions that patients can take home. Mary is keen to talk to anybody who would like to get involved in her project.

Nathan; Hipster; no name yet; Nathan’s mega-enthusiastic pitch was an open invitation to get involved in a car sharing start-up that he  believes can be bigger than Uber! Get across London faster, cheaper and in the most ecological way possible; intrigued? Drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch!

Hugh; Hacker; LayrCake; a personal favourite, Hugh has to be one of the most laid back pitchers we’ve come across; LayrCake is an end to end, back-end solution that Hugh promises will eliminate the need to hire an IT ops or backend development team. Just don’t tell the other Hackers, and make sure you get in touch with Hugh before you make any big hires!

Claudia; Hipster; King of the Sea; the storyteller of the night, Claudia has been inspired to create an amazing adventure on the high seas to help City workers or anyone who fancies a bit of escapism recharge their batteries; Claudia describes it as “Tough Mudder for sailing” and is looking for a co-founder to bring the project to life. Make this happen, please!

Normally you’ll hear me complaining that there aren’t enough Hackers (Devs) to go with all the Hipsters and Hustlers, and the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted the lack of Hackers in this month’s highlights (except for Hugh and LayrCake). But you know what, this month I am saying nothing. With ideas as good as we heard last night, I have every faith the Hackers will come out of the woodwork. So let’s celebrate the Huslters this month, but keep ‘em peeled for updates on our blog, who knows we may have a few “techie meets ent, ent likes techie, they both live happily ever after” type stories for you. More and more of our members reach out to us to let us know about the success they have achieved through meeting the right people at one events, and that is what it is all about. Maybe, now you’ve read all this, you might have a story for us soon too!

Keep on hustlin’


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