HHH Appeal! Tell Us What Services You Need – & What You’re Offering!

And we’ll make it easier than ever before to find, sell, and rate them.

HHH’ers, we’re sure you know by now (because we tell you twice a month at our wonderful events – did you catch last nights’?) that we are revamping and re-designing our website – but the most important part is – we want it to deliver all the things that you want to see the most.

So, starting right now, we are building the ultimate startup services page – where anybody can list special offers for their fellow founders.

It can literally be anything; we won’t judge it, but we will post it, provided its reputable of course – and we will quickly discover who can be relied upon and who might be best avoided because we’ll be introducing a review system that allows any user to provide feedback about any offer or deal.

So, legal firms – maybe you have a start-up package you’d like to tell founding teams about – the what’s what of vesting schedules and what not.

Techies – are you offering cut price MVP design of fab UX and UI?

Marketers – can you deliver results for early stag-ers on a tight budget.

Confidence coaches – are you able to turn a publicity shy founder into the ultimate elevator pitcher?

Accountants – can you tot up the lunch receipts and coffee stamps and count those beans for SMEs?

PR peeps – can you plan a pop-up campaign at the drop of a hat?

And the list goes on, and on, and on – service providers of all kinds, we’re appealing to you to send us your deets and before you know it, 5k+ people per month will be looking at your deals – beats sticking a post it note to the door of an accelerator, right? Not that we’d advise against that – perfectly legit way of marketing – just a shame they don’t make ‘em more sticky.

Oh, and when we see a deal or an offer we really like, we’ll post it on our newsletter, which reaches 6k engaged peeps directly, and more than 40k peeps across all our social channels.

We’re building something exciting here at HHH and we want you, our beloved community, to dictate how it gets built.

Our team of plucky freelancers will make sure you have everything you need, from feedback, to clients, to being rated and reviewed.

Call it Airbnb for startup services if you want – Uber for mentors – Yelp for bargain hunters – the Apple app store for deals…the (we get the picture – ed).

It all starts when you ping us an email – and soon we’ll have a form up so you can submit auto-magically ; )

None of us knows where or when it finishes – but one thing’s for sure – the ride will be as enjoyable as last night’s Speed Pitching.

And the results? Like a hit in a Shakespearian duel, they will be palpable. And we don’t think we’re protesting too much about that!

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