Here’s the Definitive Answer To The Question “Do I Need To Pay For My Social Media Marketing?”

The answer is simple…maybe. Ha! Just kidding, the answer is not for the first year – here’s why:

The rationale is pretty simple. There is a lot to learn about social media marketing. A. Lot.

Firstly, when it comes to social media marketing, everybody lies. Even the social media sites themselves. We all get reports every week telling us that out page has “7 new likes” or that 200 people “have engaged with it”.

Huh! Does this have anything to do with my bottom line? 7 million social media engagements certainly sounds good, or, you just told the world you have a crummy product, at great expense!

Now, don’t get us wrong, there are hundreds, thousands of talented social media marketers out there who say they completely understand metrics, and some of them might even be telling the truth.

But here’s the thing – one lucky post might get you more likes, shares, and ultimately, deliver you more revenue than any marketer you ever pay.

So here’s what you do – you take one year and you experiment with social media like heck – you try being funny, you try being sincere, you try to be creative, tug at the emotional heartstrings of your target audience. You try Snapchat, you try Borrow My Doggy.

But whatever you do, for the first year, you do not take anybody’s advice and you do exactly what you want to do!

Why? Because then it’s out of your system. Then you don’t waste freelance marketers’ time and your own money by asking them to try campaigns that simply won’t work. If we’re honest, we never respect boundaries until we have encountered them ourselves. No matter what you think of your social media guru, if you haven’t tried and failed yourself, there will always be a part of you that thinks you can execute better than him.

Wouldn’t it be better to know what you achieved, and judge your marketing guru on whether he exceeds your own results? That way, you know they are earning their bacon, and you know you are learning something new by working with them.

We all have different skill sets and its so, so important you know what yours are, and what your limits are. Work that out before you start judging other’s performance.

Yes peeps, in business you have to be self-reliant – because if you aren’t keeping tabs on it, it’s going wrong – fact!

Now to return to the question, should I pay?

After one year, you have a choice – hire somebody to manage your social media, or pay the social media site itself to do it – after all, they built the thing, surely they know how to use it best?

Well, not necessarily, and after all the whole point of “disruption” is to take something and exploit it for a different purpose than what it was originally intended for. Even Zuck didn’t know Facebook would be end up being an ad-serving platform when he first started building it.

Chances are, you will end up paying for your social media management. But don’t do it in the first year – then when it comes to deciding who you want to manage it for you, you will be holding all the aces.

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