Here’s Some Practical Marketing Advice for Your Startup!

It can be tough out there, but being a startup has many perks. Although being blessed with a major marketing budget is not usually one of them. But don’t let that bring you down – after all, you’re running a startup, right? So you’re going to be filled with some awesome creative energy! All you need is a touch of inspiration – and you can get some real results from marketing. Read on – and start getting inspired!

Proactive listening

Successful marketing isn’t about shouting your message from every offline and online platform out there. As digital strategist and author Jason Falls points out, proactive listening is one of the most underestimated marketing tools out there. And that doesn’t mean keeping an eye on the virtual door to check out if there have been any murmurs of discontent bubbling amongst your customers, or even making sure you respond to any queries on time.

While all of that matters, proactive listening means more than simply following the echoes in the ether, but going out there and listening to what your audience is thinking and doing.  So how do you work on this practically? Make sure that your hashtags aren’t just limited to your company name or brand – step outside your limits!

Creativity and uniqueness are your super powers

Creativity is a term that’s easily thrown around. But as a startup, you already know – in the words of the inimitable Shaun T – that you need to dig deep to succeed! You’re not going to find a manual showing how to be unique and innovative. So Hipsters – you need to step up to the plate. With a close ear on the ground, you’ll know what the hottest soon-to-be trends are going to be. All you need to do is work out a really striking way to find a way to work them in – in a way that fits in with your brand. To get your creative juices pumping, check out this great list of some of the most creative startup marketing moves!

Really get around

Being small definitely has its advantages. The best of which is that you can stay pretty light on your feet – which is essential when you need to get your brand in front on as many people as possible. Getting your presence out there doesn’t just mean sticking to social media – that’s pretty much a given already. How else can you get your brand before your audience? Actually getting out there – and getting in front of people can have a major impact and make you much more memorable – especially when your competitors will be taking the easy way out.
Case in point: Tinder first got their avalanche rolling by visiting college sororities and fraternities, to get the guys and gals there to download the app, and start swiping right on each other’s profiles. Making the effort to get out there was just the catalyst they needed.

The path of a startup ain’t easy – we know it. But by making real, practical changes in your marketing strategy, those little bumps along the way might be just the thing you need to take yourself to the next level!


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