Hackers! Get Some Essential Tech Startup Advice from Your Heroes

Running a tech startup takes some serious guts. Along with heaps of inspiration, imagination, and more guts. So we’ve got some gleaming pearls of tech wisdom from your heroes in the biz. Wearable got together some of the best minds out there in the tech world, and asked them some essential questions.

Here are some of our favourite responses!

Choose your niche well

Francesco Giartosio of GlassUp points out how important it is to pick a niche: “choose a niche of target customers, and hope not too many are targeting as well.” The more specific you can get, the more likely you are to succeed!

Evolution and balance

Monishka Perkash is one of our favourite heroes – as the CEO and co-founder of the Lumo BodyTech. Her amazing advice can be found everywhere – from Oprah’s couch to TV networks. She stresses the need to continue iterating: “Great products always evolve – from their inception through new generations.” It’s really useful to remember this, and to stay on your toes! Technology, the industry and users themselves are always going to be changing, so it makes sense that your product does too, right?
As a bonus tip – she also points out the need to strike a balance between being at the cutting edge of tech – and being approachable. “A new technology is only as good as its ability to help people” – now there’s a quote that every startup should have pasted on its walls!

Stay simple

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”
Aptly simple and straightforward advice from Anastasia Emmanuel of Indiegogo. It can be tempting to get carried away with all the awesome stuff you can do with your tech, but always ask yourself how you’re actually solving problems with them.

Don’t underestimate UX

Sameera Banduk of Thalmic Labs gives an important reminder that getting the user experience right is essential. This can be tough if you’re creating something completely new and innovative that has never been seen before. In which case, it’s up to you. “There are no pre-defined UX standards so it’s up to you to create them from the ground up in an intuitive way.”

Don’t forget the backend

David Fleck has seen all kinds of great startups emerge from Silicon Valley – so when he gives advice, it pays to listen. And he’s telling you not too get too stuck on the hardware, no matter how alluring it might seem right now.
“[Hardware] will become a commoditised low margin business over time and requires constant innovation to remain relevant. The real ROI is in expanding the value beyond the hardware by adding software solutions that powers the hardware.

So there you go – some pretty awesome advice from the pros who’ve gone there and been through it all before you. Feeling inspired? Think they’ve got it wrong? Let us know what’s on your mind!

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