Get Your Hipster Coffee In…Bread And Butter Cafe, De Beauvoir

Can’t go wrong with some smashed avocado and a poached egg.

2 café’s, one mission – to keep the hipsters of happening Haggerston fed and watered. First up we have HER, or Haggerston Espresso Rooms, all dark brown tables, super-strong coffee and cake to die for.

2 streets down – Bread and Butter Café – the feel is roadside caff meets Heals showroom, the clientele are tippy-tappy typers bathed in the warm glow of their Macs (like yours truly) or bunches of serious looking founders and their teams holding summit meetings and rocking disruptive looking haircuts.

The food – oof (or should I say Oeuf?) it’s good – smashed avocado on sourdough with a poached egg (and salad – there’s always salad). Granola with banana and honey (or blueberry). Simple sandwiches at very reasonable prices. And the reassuring whirr of the coffee machine crumbling beans from Africa, beans from Costa Rica, beans from the bowels of desert rats and small rodent like animals, no doubt, into quickly digested, quickly deposited cups of liquid alarm clock radios.

Can you get your work done here? You can. Can you people watch. Indubitably. Can you sit outside in the summer (all 10 days of it). For shaw.

Give it a try folks. Heck, you can even vape inside, if that’s your thing. And the music? Hi-octane Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Otis Redding – maybe you should download Happn before your visit.

Thumbs up, and thumbs up to HER, too. If I had to choose between them. HER, no sorry Bread & Butter, oops, I’m having an Oscars moment!

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