GaP->GaS – Tonight @ Google Campus! How To Find Investors & Be An Empowered Job Seeker!

GaP-GaS, our signature crowdsolving event, is back at Google Campus tonight!

Like London buses, you wait 3 months for a Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers event, when, all-of-a-sudden, 2 come along at once!

Following hot on the heels of our wet and wildly successful, Co-founder Dating and Speed Pitching Night (first Monday of every month, folks – watch the amazing promo vid here), in which we squirt water-pistols at entrepreneurs and founders as they let a roomful of amazing contacts know what they are all about, get ready for GaP->GaS, “Got a Problem – > why then, Get a Solution!

It really is as simple as that. Is there something stopping your venture taking off? Do you need advice on your product or how to sell it? Want to get feedback from a room full of top-level startup experience? Then GaP->GaS is for you!

This month we have also lined up 2 stellar speakers for you; Andrew Scott, a founding partner of 7percent Ventures, has also founded 6 startups of his own, including mobile location based social network playtxt, trust network recommendation Rummble, and online digital news archive

Not all of Andrew’s ventures have been successful, which is what makes him qualified to help budding “wantrepreneurs” understand what not to do, as well as which moves they must make in-order-to be successful.

As co-founder of not-for-profit entrepreneur networking group the ICE List Andrew is used to doling out the advice – don’t miss this opportunity to quiz a genuine investor / mentor about the finer points of getting your business off the ground.

Joining Andrew is Jim Lanas, who is going to tell you how to become an empowered job speaker. Not all of us are dyed-in-the-wool, incorrigible entrepreneurs but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a significant role to play in the workplace.

“Empowered job seekers are in high demand”, says Jim, “because an empowered, entrepreneurial brand candidate/employee is more engaged and will succeed in his/her own career path, enabling the overall success of their future or current team, department, and company.”

Learn how to take control of your destiny as a force for start-up good, even if you are not the next Travis Kalanick!

But, taking centre stage for the bulk of the evening, folks, as ever…it’s you guys! We don’t know which members of our wonderful clan will be willing to take the stage and ask the audience for help with their tear-iest start-up dilemmas, but we do know this much – after a couple of hours in your company, they will be leaving with solutions galore to chew over.

And who knows, if you, dear HHH’er, happen to deliver a particularly bright solution, workaround, or innovative, disruptive alternative, you may find your services as a startup consultant in serious demand during the intensive networking that always follows the main show.

So come, take a load off, and leave revitalised and re-energised. We’ll see you there!

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