How Deliver a 30s #SpeedPitch – Bring The Hollywood!

It’s the best show in town – Speed Pitching and Co-founder Dating – our signature event – it’s wild (as the wild west); it’s wet (because we squirt you with water pistols); it’s wise (as a pillar of salt); it’s wooo-ahh, woah, woah…

For D.I.S.C.O, read!

It’s 30 seconds (for that is all the time we allot you) of madness for founders; get on stage and give it all you’ve got – don’t leave anything out there…break a leg…take a deep breath…avoid clichés…be yourself ; )

Yes, it’s not so easy to be original when you only have 30 seconds to persuade an audience of over 300 entrepreneurs that your idea is best. Even Mark Zuckerberg would struggle to sound convincing…unless you’re a white male between 25-45, of course, lucky, because that’s the only demographic Facebook hire haha!

Sorry Mark, that was below the belt – we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before you diversify, but time is such a precious commodity, and because we only give you 30 precious seconds at our speed pitching events, we thought a handy, read-it-in-30-seconds-guide to how to make a successful, inspiring, coherent, sexy, and winning (the good kind of winning, not the Charlie Sheen kind) pitch would be right up your street, knocking on your door and reaching through your letterbox – as if it were hunting Pokemon (you don’t gotta catch ‘em all if you don’t wanna folks!).

So here goes

Taking the stage

Remember people make up their minds about you in less time than it takes to arrange a coup on social media. So strut on stage like you ain’t got time to waste.
Don’t be blinded by the lights – don’t let the audience intimidate you. Did you remember to bring a prop – props are good. Props are good, but knockout pitches better – be a wordsmith.
Treat it like an out of body experience – don’t think about sweat patches, don’t think about weak-knee-edness, stray hairs or the sea of mobiles’ broadcasting your every move on Periscope. Just be. You.

The Delivery

Did you remember what you were going to say? Thought not. But that’s healthy. Nobody wants to hear planned, they want to hear spontaneous.
State your name (you remember that, right?), whether you be Hipster, Hacker or Hustler (because it makes me happy!) and your business name. Yes, the name of your startup! This is very important for anyone not attending the networking, for how else will they know how to find you, contact you and offer you their services? SO DON’T MUMBLE IT, SHOUT IT!! LIKE THIS!!!
Thank you. Now list everything that’s good, unique, noble and virtuous about your company. Don’t embark on a lengthy explanation of precisely how your company operates only to realise you have run out of time. You’re reward for this will be a face full of super-soaker.
Why is your idea so funky? How many users do you have? What are your plans? What does success look like? Who do you need? Tell us a joke?
If you can squeeze answers to those 6 questions into your speed-pitch, all 30 seconds of it (did we mention you only had 30 secs!) then you will have won, big time. It sounds so easy to say it, but go and try it in front of the mirror, now. It ain’t. That’s why speed pitching separates the winners from the sinners.

The close

The big finish. The Curtain Call. The Deus ex-Machina. Call it what you will, the last 5 seconds are more important than the first 25. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want people to think when they see you at the networking afterwards? How many business cards do you want to pick up that night?
Remember, pitching is a little like show-business. Even if you have a rock solid business that punters are falling over themselves to download, fund, or develop, there’s no harm in injecting a little wow factor to your pitch. You know what a famous guy once said about charm?
“Charm is a way of getting the answer ‘YES’, without having asked a question.” Boom! Put people in the mood to say yes, yes, yes, I’ll have what he/she’s having!!

Final thoughts

So in our humorous way we’ve given you some ideas, now it’s up to you to smash that pitch right out of the park! We’re not gonna lie, with pitching comes a teeny bit of pressure. It’s not for everyone, and of course we’re not suggesting for one moment that if you can’t pitch well your startup will fail.
You can outsource responsibility for pitching to one of your marketing peeps, or if you’re a solo-founder with a great idea but you’re shy, think your way to a snappy pitch that at least leads to further conversations. But really, there’s nothing to be too worried about…so you bum out, just come again next month! Or make a point of shooting around the networking and shaking every single person by the hand.

Basically it’s up to you – it doesn’t get much crazier than HHH speed pitching – it’s like New York, New York – if u can make it there, you’ll make it, anywhere…even ol’ blue eyes would have been upstaged by some of the talent we get down at Google Campus, first Monday of every month.

So here’s to you…duh, der, duh, derr duh…duh, der, derrr, duh duh!!!

Keep on hustlin’

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