Don’t Miss This! Got A Problem – > Get A Solution On Monday At Google Campus

One for the pros – and probably the best startup crowd-solving event in the world. This Monday

When we started GaP-GaS wa-aay, way back in March 2015, we think it was, there was simply nothing else like it.

Are we claiming too much credit? Nope, it was a genuinely ground-breaking format. Back then, we projected a huge image of a couch onto a wall on the second floor of Google Campus, and did something pretty drastic for an event involving a roomful of entrepreneurs.

We listened. We invited founders up on stage to talk about their problems. There were rules (and they are still the same today). No pitching. No answering audience members back. Be clear about what problem your startup is currently trying to solve, and how audience members can help you.

And that’s it.

Then we threw it to the audience. At first people were hesitant – could they just offer an opinion, explain the merits of a particular service, or offer insight from their own personal experiences?

They sure could, and slowly surely, our audience began to get the hang of it. HHH’ers are never shy for long, and that’s what makes the group so special and dynamic.

We’ve had everything from heated debates to technical analysis to offers to work together, and of course, when the formal part of the evening is done and we’ve heard from all our plucky founders, the networking begins in earnest.

It never fails to impress us that our audience will willingly give up their Monday evening to come to Google Campus and spend up to 3 hours helping others – but then, if you are a startup fanatic like most HHH’ers are, perhaps it’s not so surprising.

All we know is, we’re grateful, and so are our founders.

This week will be extra special because, besides our wonderful, decorated presenter Laura Willoughby MBE, we’ll have 2 fantastic speakers.

First up, Saija Mahon, founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award winning digital media agency, will kick things off with a talk about “how to use biddable media as an integral part of your marketing mix.”

Biddable media – so what’s that? It’s all about getting in front of your target audience at the right time, and on the right channel. Here’s a clue – according to Saija, people check their smartphones up to 150 times per day.

Biddable media = paid placements, but don’t just hand a chunk of your marketing spend straight to Google – first you must strategize, and Saija Mahon will tell you how to do just that.

Second up we have Ben Simpson who is the founder of Fixers. Using machine learning and AI, Fixers are transforming the way we book our holidays. When Fixers launched, they struggled to find users and persuade people to sign up to their platform.

So, they decided to throw a party in the Sahara Desert!

That’s what we love about HHH, and why we think our audience keep coming back to our events. You just never know what to expect, and guess what, the unexpected brings success – Fixers have achieved £260k in revenues since the “do”, on a zero marketing spend.

So, if you’re looking for something to do this coming Monday, you know what to do – come as a founder to vent about your startups’ issues, come as an audience member cum problem solver.

Leave with a founder, and a new contract in your back pocket ; )


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