Disrupting Decanting – Vinaera Lifts Spirits At The Touch Of A Button!

Imagine if you could enhance any bottle of wine in just a few seconds…

The extent to which one should “let wine breathe” is one of life’s great imponderables, destined to dictate the mood of any middle-class party.

Dissatisfied with decanting? Fear not – the world of tech is stepping in to solve this alcohol infused problem. Say hello to Vinaera, the “revolutionary new gadget” (according to a new press release) that can “lift any wine or spirit to its full potential at the simple touch of a button”.

How does it work? The “patented pneumatic process” gets to work as soon as the device is inserted into the bottle neck, providing “high speed aeration at the optimum ratio of air to wine.”

Air is injected directly into the stream of wine, creating an oxygen exposure that is “6 times greater than any funnel style aerator or traditional decanting”, which has the dual effect of “opening up the full flavour profile of the wine, while softening the natural tannins” – all at the touch of a button.

Like any tech device, Vinaera’s device benefits from a “sleek and elegant design”, and is “fast and easy to use – no lifting, aiming, spilling, or waiting.”

It gets better: pesky wine sediments are left “in the bottle, not in your glass”, plus the process of watching the “wine get drawn up through the needle, and mixed with oxygen as it moves”, is a guaranteed crowd pleaser – surely – or an endless source of fascination for those who like to see off a hard day’s work with a hearty glass of Beaujolais.

You can get a hold of one of Vinaera’s tap like devices here; but be warned – if you use this device as much as your smart-phone, you might end up looking red-faced.

We’re huge fans of the Internet-of-Things, but the Internet-du-Vins is a welcome addition to the pantheon of things that tech can disrupt. Cheers!

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