Diesel Re-enters Wearables Market With New Line Of Touchscreen Smartwatches

An affordable smartwatch with built in Google Assistant – nice.

A few weeks ago we wrote about how nobody was getting the hang of the wearables market – on the tech side, things seem to be working out – it’s no problem to fit a step counter in a band or a watch for example, or add augmented reality or a video recorder to a pair of glasses – but the “cool factor” is still sadly absent from the industry.

Until now, perhaps? To think of Italian fashion brand Diesel, is to think about cutting edge fashion, so the company’s announcement that it is releasing a brand new line of touchscreen smartwatches, called Diesel On, should get fash-tech fans excited.

“The idea is to have many different watches in one to match the mood of every moment of the day—always with an ironic touch”, says Diesel Licenses creative director Andrea Rosso.

The new watch, according to a press release, is “a one-of-a-kind touchscreen smartwatch that screams to the world that fading into the crowd is not an option.”

Hopefully, they mean standing out in the right way, rather than inviting ridicule for sporting a nerdy pair of glasses that don’t really do anything, like Google Glass (or Snapchat?)

The Diesel On smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS, and powered by Android Wear 2.0, from Google, plus Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

The tech works using Bluetooth, and Android Wear provides user friendly messaging, notifications and downloadable third-party apps, which can be quickly purchased and downloaded through the Google Play store.

You can even say “Ok Google” to the new Diesel watch, and it will understand what you mean. Thousands in the fashion world probably still wouldn’t – or pretend they hadn’t heard you.

The watch can also stream music, track runs and workouts, and comes with seven customisable dial options, each of which can be modified in “hundreds of ways”, and eight different kinds of customisable straps.

Already, it feels like Diesel are treating us techies more like a fashion icon, and less like an automaton, which feels good and empowering and we like that.

So, how much will this fancy piece of kit set you back.

A reasonably modest $325 USD, and it will be available from “Holiday 2017”, according to Diesel’s release.

So cool they don’t even have to distinguish between Easter, Summer, Diwali or even Independence day, just “Holiday”, it looks like this is one fashion firm that is ready to “disrupt” the geekery of the tech community, simply by saying and doing stuff that is unplanned, spontaneous, and leaves room for doubt, and, of course, by building a rather tidy looking watch.

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