Cool Changing Website Trends for 2015

So you’re set to make a website that’s going to have your prospects salivating before they’ve even got to the sales page?  Just make sure you keep with the times, and have a close eye on the changing website trends for 2015.

If there’s one thing you chose when you got into the tech startup world, it’s to be on the bleeding edge of what’s cool.

When making a choice, a prospect will be turned off by an old frumpy-looking website faster than Indiana from a pit full of snakes, or Elwood from pop music.

Just throwing in some eighties movie references there to perk up the ears of the hipsters, because…

Hipsters – this One’s for You

The changing image of the website world is a pulse every good tech startup hipster needs to have his finger on. And watch out with that ‘retro’ paintbrush. As I’m sure you know, retro works with websites only in so far as you’re not really going retro.

No one wants to stumble across a website from the nineties. Well, it might be entertaining but that’s all. People want to stumble across a sizzlingly sharp on-the-pulse website, which may have a very retro look and feel. But the framework and functionality is modern. Think Bond’s 1950s Aston Martin with a Tesla Model S electric engine – now that would be a cool car.

These three examples of retro-style all give that wonderful old-style feel, while having a very modern and sexy framework and functionality:

RTFB Meats Co.

Ok, let’s move on to what’s cool in 2015.

5 Groovy Website Trends for 2015

  • Huge, Gorgeous (Moving) Images

It’s gonna be a good year for photographers! We’ll see much more of the Airbnb-style giant images. Preferably the videos that seem like images, then suddenly the people start moving and you see it’s a video! Don’t you just love ‘em?

  • Rich, Intimate, Visual Content Experiences

Content is on the up as always. But now websites are starting to develop original, beautiful ways to draw the visitor in. Think The Verge, Polygon or any of these. Hipsters – you’re gonna be busy making things look sexy!

  • Responsive, Responsive, Responsive

The flow between laptop, tablet, mobile phone screen (and even virtual reality?) will become more and more seamless. Websites will start to resemble a pile of putty for the visitor to play with, or perhaps more like a Rubik’s cube. But be careful – keep it simple! Because there will also be a trend for:

  • More Minimalism

The world is getting busier and noisier. By next year, we can’t even imagine the level of distraction that will face us at every touch of the pad or click of a mouse button.

As a result, the websites that shout loudest are often the peaceful, quiet, minimalist ones. The ones which, when we visit, make our brains go ‘Aaaaaaaaah, relaxing’.  Think Raphael Malka, Ineo, or Over Clothing.

  • Hand Drawn Illustrations

This trend is also on the up!  And don’t we just love a nice story told with a pencil and some care. In a way, it’s linked to our need for simplicity, minimalism and innocence to counteract all the flashy noise and confusion online. So we hope your hipster can draw, because it’s a simple sure-fire way to add a healthy dose of charm to your site, while telling your product’s story.

And there are plenty more predictions for this year! Take a look at this awesome infographic from Coastal Creative Reprographics on their views for the big website trends of 2015.

What are your own ideas for what’s in store?

Share your thoughts!


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