Co-Founder Speed Dating & Pitching #14 – Another successful event, but now we need your help!

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As Shakespeare might have said, “Some entrepreneurs are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Or to put it another way, it doesn’t matter how you get there, just make sure you’re there!

This is also true of our longest running event format, the “Co-founder Speed Dating & Pitching” meet up, which concluded its 14th iteration on Tuesday night at its spiritual home – Google Campus. You had to be there. My team need no introduction by now, although we might do when we head up to Manchester and Birmingham soon (details on our website) as our quest to find and reward the UK’s finest entrepreneurial minds continues. Adam, the host for the evening, and Bran, David and Radu all did another great job!

The guys are making sure we’re attracting top talent, and keeping things interesting. I was particularly pleased to see so many developers turn up on Tuesday night. They are a rarified bunch, and getting them on stage isn’t easy, but we’re getting there. It’s our mission to put amazing people together across as many fields as we can. If you’re a start-up looking for a developer, you really can’t afford to miss events like this one.  We are after all the MOST active Meetup in the WORLD for developers!!

So, here goes: my trusty blogger Edmund (Ted) Ingham was there, smoke pouring from his notebook and with a look of studied professionalism on his face, trying to eke as much detail and insight from every pitcher as the 30 second format would allow. The water-pistolers were there too, primed and ready to eject from the stage anyone who dared break the 30 second barrier. Plenty did, it got a little bit messy at times, but what is business without passion, eh. God loves a Hustler!… and a Hipster and a Hacker too!

So here are our notes then (roughly in order of pitches), but we’d like you to help us. Do you recognise yourself in the below list? Can you help us add logos, websites and crucial details to the below? Let’s turn this stringy collection of names, details and half-truths into the most comprehensive list of top tech and entrepreneurial project analysis in this great area we call Shoreditch, Tech City, or the Silicon Roundabout! Let’s put some meat on these bones! Ever tried watching a meaty kebab spit all day on a reverse time lapse? Me neither, but it paints a powerful picture, right?

Here’s your chance to get involved. Find your pitch, let us know if you are happy with our synopsis, forgive us if not, tell us the info you do want to see, and we’ll do the rest. This could be the Tech week’s biggest talking point, curated by you!

  1. Rajiv – there are 1.5 billion servings of jelly and ice made every day! Rajiv has come up with a fool proof device to help make those servings – he just needs some help bringing his product to market;
  2. Max – Max is a corporate entrepreneur looking for a CTO. Max got a huge round of applause for his efforts!
  3. com – this is the new ice bucket challenge. Hate the Ice bucket challenge? No problem, so do Gifttree! Their version is more fun (with more of a focus on the charity?);
  4. Olivier – owns an Artificial Intelligence message recommendation platform, he’s looking for a co-founder (must have a sense of humour);
  5. Ray and Mark – have founded Cloakroom, to help you meet your social media friends when you are on a night out; classy idea;
  6. This lot have come up with contactless wristbands, they were an event management company looking for a technical lead;
  7. Thomas has created an app called Parentsnearby, helping young parents connect with other young parents in their neighbourhood. 1,500 downloads to date! Thomas needs a developer;
  8. Orfy at Featurist wants to help start-ups grow, find MVPs, become the next Facebook / Just Eat / Alibaba (delete as appropriate);
  9. com; according to its founder, this could become the best sports app in the world. So developers, what are you waiting for!
  10. Lee’s idea involves bodybuilding and wearable tech, so if you want to get involved with a fitness app, talk to him!
  11. Robin has spent 12 years in digital marketing, sharing great ideas, now he wants to share….inspiration!
  12. Steve has a mobile tech start-up wespree? It’s a friend to friend communications app making waves;
  13. Tania is a fine art publisher looking to branch out into entertainment, business and art apps, she is looking to find some amazing co-founders;
  14. Sanni – has built a mobile app that helps you share 2 photos with friends and ask them to vote for their favourite. Great decision making tool, give him a nudge!
  15. Claud Schneider – is a fashion photographer making the world a better place for models and agents. Claude founded Portfora to improve portfolios and networking for fashion models & photographers. Looking for more LAMP devs and biz dev to grow to 5,000+ members
  16. Andrea has a travel platform “I am the world”; she needs a full stack CTO please?
  17. Aurora is a hipster with an online ad agency
  18. Don Galles is building a London-based mobile development team for ServeMeNow Ltd, a new way for retailers to provide great service
  19. Carlo has a partial tracking app, he needs co-founders and Devs
  20. Toby Allen has a new idea, CrazyHotScale; crazy or hot, or both? He’s looking for an iOS Dev/CTO for an idea so original it had been hatched on the day!
  21. Carl Collins wants to create match for music, helping connect people in the music business;
  22. Med wants to create a platform that helps “catalyse” public opinion. Med’s been involved with MTV and Channel 4 and this is his latest project
  23. Vicenzo – is a service that can help you send messages to your loved ones after you pass…so get involved…while there’s still time!
  24. Indoors; the indoor navigation mapping providers are doing for indoors what Google maps did for outdoors! Unique solution hatched by MIT grads, watch this space;
  25. Muntos is helping to bring Mino art from Tajikistan to the masses via an ecommerce website.
  26. Georgia wants to help manufacturers connect with architects and has a plan that will make it simpler than ever before;
  27. Jess is 21, has been in the PR industry for 5 years and has decided to go it alone, launching her own PR and events Company
  28. Caesar is launching an app that helps dog owners and dog lovers connect for walkies, biscuits and grooming – he needs a business partner
  29. The Uber for beauty? Fashion consultants delivered to your door; this lot need a full stack developer or CTO
  30. Abby has launched a social site for people searching for flatmates, but with a twist;
  31. Montjuc is building a mobile office and development suite
  32. Charlie is building an app for finding spare rooms;
  33. Carl has created a PURE lifestyle app where you can find health clubs and personal trainers;
  34. The Beaverhead were here to promote their platform that allows you to test apps and websites before launching; no Beavers were harmed in the making of the project!
  35. NitroQ have built Socket in your Pocket, the world’s fastest charging external battery pack for smart phones
  36. 50% of the NHS budget is spent on people with unhealthy lifestyles, help us change that figure (by changing your own?)
  37. Wilfred is a UX designer and a stack developer. He wants to talk to co-founders
  38. Alberto wants you to get involved with his global big-data project that is set to have a massive impact on marketing strategies;
  39. Richard has launched ONGOZA, a media marketing and sports app that is going places;
  40. Invify is an early stage packaging device still in development
  41. Manuel wants us all to be as confident as we can be, by using the latest scientific developments; get happy, people!
  42. Nico has come up with the Trip Advisor for sports fans, he’s looking to scale up with your help!
  43. Its Wilfred again, just clarifying a few points about his design and development skills, good to see you again Wilfred!
  44. Phil is a designer working on high tech, high profile projects, such as an app that can detect epilectic seizures;
  45. The developer that speaks your language; he feels your pain, he knows how you operate. Get in touch for a caring, sharing developer;
  46. Prash has developed the FITPLX project which rewards you for getting in shape; Prash is handy with a water gun too, he’s all business and looking for supporters;
  47. Goodmeals discovers restaurants and eateries who can donate unsold food to homeless people; this guy got soaked but his 2 min pitch was full of passion – get in touch!
  48. Marni has a beauty app and is already interesting investors; can you help?
  49. Richard loves developers! He loves yoga too, and he wants a bit more of both in his life. Find him!
  50. Angel is in a reality TV show, he started in London with £10, he is trying to make £1million; great challenge, think you can help?
  51. It’s Featurist again! This time it’s their CEO, he’s not happy with their first pitch, he’s looking for a new sales guy…! Not really, he wants Futurist to help more start-ups.
  52. Charlie J is pioneering a new kind of Tinder; want to cuddle up someone…try Charlie first!

So, (pause for breath), I know that’s not everyone but it was much as my blogger’s poor brain could cope with, bring on the corrections and clarifications!

Finally, who were the victors, and who got the spoils?

The judges couldn’t make up their minds, so it was time for a Pitch-off! Wilfred, Futurist (the CEO, not the sales guy), Socket in your Pocket, the Flatmate finders (both versions), Vincenzo the quasi medium and Charlie J (from now on to be known as the “I can get you laid guy”) were all given a chance to pitch again, and the result was decided by a good old fashioned cheer-off…and the winner…Socket in Your pocket!

Honourable mentions (and Windows phones) went to Charlie J and Vincenzo, but the reality was everyone who made the event was a winner, and it was thrilling to see so many talented entrepreneurs at the start of their journeys, and a really impressive turnout of those notoriously hard to find Hackers (aka Developers). Cheers and see you all at the next one!


  • Sabrina Stocker says:

    Hello, Firstly Great Event!
    May I please change Number 35 from a mobile battery charger to ‘the world’s fastest charging external battery pack for smart phones’ or ‘an external battery pack for smart phones’ please – a technical difference. Thank you.

  • Hi Sabrina,
    Thanks for the kind words about the event. Glad you enjoyed it and well done on winning the best pitch prize.
    I have updated your listing above as requested. Do you have a website that you would like us to link this to?

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