Co-founder Of Gumtree Invests In Ex-Freshfield Lawyer’s Startup

It was founded less than a year ago, but given the founding team consists of one self-proclaimed “recovering” Freshfields lawyer, Richard Mabey, and a software engineer, Pavel Kovalevich, with one successful startup exit under his belt, perhaps no-one should be surprised at the pace at which the this startup has developed and won funding.

Throw in a customer list that includes Deliveroo, and it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that Juro, a legal-tech startup that provides e-signing solutions, automated content generation, negotiation and management for any kind of contract, leveraging machine learning and AI to reduce the time spent arranging contracts by as much as 90%, has serious disruptive potential.

The company announced yesterday that it has completed a $750k seed funding round. Amongst the investors are Berlin-based Point Nine Capital, and London-based Seedcamp, but it’s the angels taking an interest that will really make Tech City sit up and take notice. Gumtree founder Michael Pennington, and Paul Forster, co-founder of, have both signed on the dotted line, so to speak.

Juro, says its founders, helps B2B customers “negotiate better, close sales faster and and spend more time doing the work they love (work they love?? Ed).

Each to their own. Reshma Sohoni, founding partner at Seedcamp declared himself “hugely impressed” when she first met Mabey and backed a pre-seed round, and commented on the latest round “The traction they’ve built over the past year and calibre of businesses they’ve signed up is testament to the fantastic solution they’ve created to tackle the painful, time intensive and costly business of dealing with contracts.”

Equally, Christoph Janz, a Partner at Point Nine Capital, said “Almost four years after I wrote on my blog that I’d love to invest in company with an electronic signing element, I’m thrilled we’ve found Juro.”

So there you have it folks, if you want to get funded, read more VC blogs! And when you need to get the vesting schedules and employee contracts signed, you know who to turn to.

“Legal teams are increasingly crying out for smarter solutions and we are delivering for them”, says Mabey. Signing and sealing to, by the looks of it.

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