Co-founder Dating – Season Finale!

Tuesday night was the 16th iteration of the Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers “Co-Founder Dating & Speed Pitching Event“, our original, and London’s BEST speed pitching hustle, with amazing entrepreneurs, more than smattering of devs for hire, and even a few people looking to invest as well. We made a big effort to get into the festive spirit!

This month’s prizes included 2 Rasperry Pi kits, a few quad copter flying drone helicopter type thingies, some Nokia 1020 phones, a couple of Leap Motion devices and a whole lot of extra free services from our wonderful sponsors Microsoft and Waterfront Solicitors, who have been a privilege to team up with over the past year, and so we made a mini-altar on the stage and wrapped all of our presents, donning Christmas jumpers and hats somewhere along the line. Ho ho ho, as they say, and maybe even a bottle of rum! Or is that pirates? Speaking of which, stay tuned for more news of our 40,000 sq. ft. premises in Tobacco Dock, opening in April next year. The biggest thing we’ve ever done!

This month we had a fantastic guest speaker, Alex Dobre, a top coder who spoke to the audience about “Bridging the Gap – how to talk to developers if you’re not a technical person”.

Alex shed some light on why developers and founders often don’t mix in the same circles, regarding themselves as from different tribes. But when a founder wants to take what is in their imaginations and create a real time platform for their product, they inevitably turn to developers to help them. Alex encouraged founders to paint a picture and tell stories to really get their ideas across, learn the basics of coding, and find someone exceptional who understands their vision perfectly. The best place to start? The Agile Manifesto. Thanks for your wise words, Alex!

So, to the pitches…actually still time to tell you more about our prizes, which were for: Best Hipster pitch, best Hacker pitch, best Hustler pitch, a Business card raffle, Cheesiest Christmas jumper, Best Tweet and a randomly generated winner from the audience! Our beloved Sofi, founder of freelancing services, won the cheesiest Xmas jumper comp and got to open her present onstage in front of everyone! So did Celine Issit, who won a Nokia phone for her top tweet from last month’s event.

Congrats guys, let’s have a look at the pitches. Remember, have a look down the list, find yourself, and tell us what else we should be saying about you, let’s start a debate, right here, right now! Let’s be talking Tech over a turkey sandwich online this Christmas…season’s greetings! See you on the other side.

Pitcher no. 1: Hacker – Claude: Portfora: is the greatest show on earth! It’s a directory of talented people; musicians, dancers, its glossy and fun, works too, Claude needs devs and marketers to help him grow!

Pitcher no. 2: Hipster – Ed Barton: Ed has created, a platform to exchange views on business, tech, politics, and more. To continue Crowdsourcing ideas for business Ed needs developers to work on the prototype: “Merry Xmas peeps, come and talk to me!”

Pitcher no. 3: Hustler – Lauren: co-founder of a double dating app which is already in online stores, a classy and social alternative to Tinder or maybe, the team are looking for a Tech Guy!

Picther no. 4: Hustler – Liam: is preparing to launch a new app, it’s the Instagram of the fashion world, apparently, with 1,000s of brands already featured, any fashion loving techies / devs out there want to help him?

Pitcher no. 5: Hustler – Tee: Tee is a student who has come up with a brilliant idea for a book sharing website for students called “Universe”. Tee is looking for a tech co-founder to turn a good idea into a Reality. And a virtual reality!

Pitcher no. 6: Hacker – Sam: is an online recruitment platform where you can find a job by emphasising your skills and interests through gamification and really push for that dream role! He’s looking for PHP developers, get in touch with Sam for more detail

Pitcher no. 7: Hustler – Mario: founder of, Mario has created a mobile and web app for budding photographers to share images using geo locators and improve their craft; Mario’s looking for devs, investors and techies!

Pitcher no. 8: HustlerUros: this cheeky chappie came on-stage with his brolly and told us all about mybrella(?), a handy little guide that tells you when it’s going to rain. Curious stuff, watch this space;

Pitcher no. 9: Hustler – Chris: welcome to PTYay! Analytics and real time info for the classroom; not for the pupils, stupid, for the teachers! Schools, teachers and parents can all join in, help this crew create something worthwhile?

Pitcher no. 10: Hipster – Jack: NearCollect helps you avoid the pain of missing a delivery by making sure it is left at a convenience store of your choice if you are not around. You receive an email informing you as soon as your parcel is dropped off. Handy? Talk to Jack, he’s already trading, and looking for investors and tech types.

Pitcher no. 11: Hacker – Toby: a medical student thinking hard about the mobile market in Africa; he’s building a healthcare app and if you want to be part of his fascinating journey talk to Toby!

Pitcher no. 12: Hustler – Agile Ether! How to disrupt the arts / entertainment and culture industries and make money every time? Sounds ok I guess. Come be a co-founder at this start-up then!

Pitcher no. 13: Hustler – Sam Edwards: Sam believes great ideas are worth sharing and he is looking for a techie to join him, and his female co-worker, who bravely showed up too! These guys are all about good food, app-etite, food-tech, that kind of stuff!

Pitcher no. 14: Hipster: does the tattoo industry need disrupting? Of course it does, via this pitcher’s social marketplace for fans of tattoos. Shoreditch a good venue to pitch to, surely!

Pitcher no. 15: Hipster – Yasmine: an IP expert, that’s intellectual property for the uninitiated, is the founder of YH IP, a boutique firm who can help you preserve your great ideas and stop people nicking them! It’s a no brainer, talk to Yasmin

Pitcher no. 16: Hustler – Amit: I think I heard Jamaica desk here, a mobile dating service that is breaking down barriers?? Developers needed, please.

 Pitcher no. 17: Hacker – David Seddon: founder of Slitheryfreakout, the snake surprise delivery service!!?? Not really, David is just an awesome developer, a “python” developer, no less. “Needle and thread please, my sides are splitting!”

Pitcher no. 18: Hacker – this chap placed in the top there at last month’s event in the O2! There are 1.5bn Muslims in the world, imagine what could be done with a fast algorithm which can assist with observing prayers correctly? 30,000 active users already – get in touch!

Pitcher no. 19: Hacker: founder of “I’m in” the Uber for sport! Its founders believe this project could have a massive impact, come and join them!

Pitcher no. 20: Hustler – Jacob Levi: Photovoice! This app can change social networking once the prototype is redeveloped by a back end developer?

Pitcher no. 21: Hacker / Hustler; this developer knows developers! He has his own company, he’s been at Wayra, he’s done it all, and now he wants to help you develop your amazing projects;

Pitcher no. 22: Hackers – Michael and Derek; From Tesserae Security comes a new product called Digital Prince! It allows end users to observe their virtual footprint; this idea is “completely different”. Find out why and talk to the guys:

Pitcher no. 23: Hustler: who records video on their phones? Everyone, that’s who. This chap fought against the clock to tell us that there’s a new way of sharing mobile vids online. Python developer required.

Pitcher no. 24: Hacker – Dan: developer celebrating release of a new gluten free food advisory app, Looking for investors and for people to try his product!

 Pitcher no. 25: Hustler – Shishank: management grad from LSE has a social media aggregator product called Bubblo(?) which can recommend great places to go last minute in London, they love working with cool people so hit them up!

Pitcher no. 26: Hipster – Narinder: Appy farm is a fun game that doesn’t rely on traditional development, they are looking for marketers to come and join them;

Pitcher no 27: Hustler – Celine: EatLiveSleep! App lets you browse the web and find all of the best stuff for your home interior, plus make purchases from the stores, and they need some more money to expand. Joyeux Noel!

Pitcher no. 28: Hustler – Adil: is on the Oxygen accelerator and has a fab new product that lets you rate applications with 54 categories available. Find out more by talking to Adil;

Pitcher no. 29: Hacker: Codescrum founder pitched to entrepreneurs looking for devs. 3 reasons why? Big clients, 30% discount, and you’ll be talking to a fellow entrepreneur!

Pitcher no. 30: Marian: Smarties in the world of website optimisation, they are new and they are smart and they will solve your SEO problems with a smile!

Pitcher no. 31: Hacker: Efe: This chap was killing it, but ran into trouble when his time ran out! Don’t you hate those horrible comments you have to read on YouTube? Well, what if there was a way…to be continued…!

Pitcher no. 32: Hustler: Science of Startups is a fab new blog giving advice to start-ups that are pre validated, pre investment, or scaling, there’’ll be news and views for you!

Pitcher no 33: Hustler: crypto currency exchange, platform up and running makes 1k p.m. Looking for biz dev and co-founders;

Pitcher no 34: Hustler: Wally? Zoia check it out, games, bonding, and technology wrapped into one!

Pitcher no. 35: Hustler: Sofie at CuppaMe makes finding freelancing work as easy as making a cup of tea! She has awesome clients and low rates, so don’t hold back!

Pitcher no. 36: Hustler: (I think!) are always short of devs to outsource all of their top notch work to, so get in touch with them!

Pitcher no. 37: Hustler – Paul: Paul is an hotelier and he has come up with a fantastic new business idea which needs devs and a co-founder. Routeflee, check it out!

Pitcher no. 38: Hustler – Mark Chapman has worked in the home-care industry for 30 years, and helped build their software services. He’s working on a new project called ‘Really Care‘.

Pitcher no. 39: This guy is a big cheese, its Neil at Rackspace! We all know about Rackspace, but do we know who Rackspace can help us? Neil was making himself available for chat!

Pitcher no. 40: Hustler: There are 20m people in the UK suffering from allergies. This chap knows all the suppliers and is building a global brand, so get in touch with him!

Pitcher no. 41: Hacker: 2 very cool software developers will work for beer; solve all of your tech problems over a beer. That’s one beer every 15 minutes by the way!

Pitcher no. 42: Hipster: every job seeker should have their dream job, and take full control of their lives…how do they do that…? Career Harbour! Out of time! But don’t worry this chap comes back later…

Pitcher no. 43: Hacker: It’s Med at, a platform for consumers and audiences to get together and push their opinions to brands and companies. Front end developer required to help launch the app.

Pitcher no. 44: Hacker – Jens: likes pizza, loves exciting dev projects knows Arduino, waiting for you to call with an amazing idea!

Pitcher no. 45: Hustler – SKILLS CONNECTION! Investors and marketers needed;

Pitcher no. 46: Hustler – Cat In A Flat connects loving cat owners with trusted cat sitters; techies and financiers should talk to the Cat in a Flat team!

Pitcher no. 47: Hustler – Nike: Streetscope, everything young people need from their social media, better than the competition! Talk to Nike…

Pitcher no. 48: Hustler: 3 year’s experience in mobile sales, share his experience and make money from app stores!

Pitcher no. 49: Hustler: developer is helping kids to read using Oxford Learning solutions, help make this worthy project a success!

Pitcher no. 50: Hipster: a social platform for musicians, starting a campaign soon, looking for devs familiar with social technologies

Pitcher no. 51: Hustler – Brad: is into MedTech, he has joined a top accelerator, he wants to answer the question: is food poison?

Pitcher no. 52: Hipster – its pitcher no. 42 again! Career Harbour! He’s back to finish telling us about his recruitment platform where you can apply to 100 companies in the blink of an eye!

Pitcher no. 53: Hustler – Karen: is an ex-coder from the financial services industry looking for co-founders to join her on her latest project!

Pitcher no. 54: Hustler: 1 man band and hacker, a sports games programmer, now founder of Vindicta Games; help create something unique, win investment, make money!

 Pitcher no. 55: Adam: it’s our Adam, our very own marketing, PR, social media and stuff like that expert! What can he do for you? Create meaningful relationships between you and your clients. Talk to him (but hands off he’s ours!)

Pitcher no. 56: Hipster – Bird: is creating the magazine for the start-up scene, He’s looking for amazing start-ups to talk to and swap ideas with.

56 pitches, 56 successful, happy presenters, ready to mingle! But first, the winners on the night were:

Hipster: John at Career Harbour! (Pitcher nos. 42, 52)

Hacker: David, Slitheryfreakout guy! (Pitcher no. 17)

Hustler: Myrella, Uros (sorry if names are wrong!) the umbrella guy, (pitcher no. 8)

All of the winners plus the randomly selected audience member, one Mo Abdirahman, and the best tweet winner all came on stage to receive their wonderful prizes…just like Christmas should be! Our final event of the year was so enjoyable, we wouldn’t even mind if they cancelled Christmas. Jingle Bells, folks, and please, please, please, keep the conversation going on here, let us have your clarifications and comments, immortalise your start-up on the pages of this here blog! It could be the next doomsday book?


Rob and the HHH team

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