Co-founder Dating & Speed Pitching #22; My Kingdom for a Dev!

Back when I started running Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers and our Speed Pitching nights were our main event I used to ask all the Developers in the room to stand up and make themselves known so founders could mob them in the Campus basement afterwards, buy them a hotdog and sign them up!

Now far be it from me to talk myself up but I think I need to start doing it again because, judging by the number of pitchers last night looking for a CTO, my not doing it seems to have caused a capital-wide shortage of coders, or at least coders who are prepared to come out of the woodwork and take on new projects!

For me that was the biggest takeaway of the evening; Devs are back in demand again! There are lots and lots of fantastic start-ups out there and we at HHH are excited to be helping everybody out as we always try our best to do. We have a pretty good stable of Devs coming to our events, so don’t stop believing and grab me at the next event if you’d like me to do you an intro!

On our side, we’ve got some amazing projects coming up and I took a moment to tell the audience about them on Tuesday night, just to recap:

Ski High Start-ups
We’re taking 40 lucky founders to Tignes/Val d’Isere for a week’s skiing from 23rd-30th Jan and we’d love you to join us. The whole package costs less than a grand but hurry, if you want to get some of that Alpey goodness and spend a week with some of London’s top start-up talent in a luxury chalet with its own pool and sauna, as there are only 20 or so places left!

2nd October is when we’ll be taking over the London Fields Brewery for an oompah-pah fuelled Techtoberfest for start-ups!! Every HHH’er I know likes beer, loves start-ups and enjoys networking so why not combine all three, and enjoy all night entertainment including comedians, bands, illusionists, and more importantly, demonstrations of the latest and greatest technology!

We’d love you to join us for either of these and we have lots more planned, from pitching on a rollercoaster at Thorpe Park, to a start-up incubator…on a Caribbean Island! Stay tuned for those.

The Pitches!

So without further ado here’s my little recap of last night’s 10 best pitches out of the 70 or so who came up on stage and told us in just 30 seconds who they were, what their start-up did and what they needed to take it to the next level. Of course my views are entirely subjective; if you disagree and want to make the case for your own or somebody else’s company just drop me a line or comment below.

Last night I was struck by the variety of the pitches; we had everything from TV shows, to a wearable device to go with your iWatch, to the Airbnb for models, designers and casting agencies, to crowd-sourced real estate funding. The cream of London’s start-up talent, all looking for somebody like you; get involved!

1. Henry; Hipster 
Backtracker app; the app for backpackers, by backpackers! Available from the iTunes store, the app has been designed by a group of students from Bristol Uni, launched on Apr 1st and has achieved 13k downloads so far. Pick your journey using a dedicated map based interface, send updates, pin your locations and make your content public or private. The guys are looking for a CTO (surprise surprise!) and a good knowledgeable mentor. Can you help out Henry and the Backtracker team?

2. Charlie; Hustler
Humanity Online; ok so Charlie held onto the mic for far too long and took a proper soaking for his efforts but he gets full marks for passion! Humanity Online is a smart society interface that addresses local, regional and global issues. The team compute valuable data via their platform where individuals and organisations can collaborate; Charlie’s looking for Devs who specialise in Full Stack

3. George; Hustler
Unique Access; George has just moved to London and is a student retention specialist using research and predictive analytics to help universities and higher education institutions identify and help struggling students who are contemplating dropping out. The Unique Access team have won a place on the Mass Challenge incubator programme at The Dock in Shadwell. Get in touch if forward thinking data is your thing.

4. Clement; Hacker
JamSeek; Clement is the founder of Jamseek, Jamming made easy by connecting musicians online to meet and make music together. Chat. Meet. Jam! Clement is looking for a hustler, somebody who can lead the marketing campaign and make stuff happen.

5. Max; Hustler
Eco Companion; an eco-rating holiday site showcasing trips that sustain local communities, natural habitats and wildlife needs help from anyone who has a hand to lend! Devs, marketing, bloggers, social media types, get in touch with Max if eco-tourism is what you feel passionate about.

6. Frederik; Hipster
Snapzap; it’s the awesome app we use during HHH Speed Pitching nights which allows you to tweet live footage from the night; Frederick needs a marketing guru to join his team and help Snapzap become the go-to tool for personal and private event coverage.

7. Eva; Hustler
myvisualbrief; an online app that lets you create a design brief visually, the way the best designers do it! My Visual Brief already has 700 users and Eva is looking for a CTO to help her evolve the tool and prove product market fit. An amazing challenge for any hacker looking to make a name for themselves.

8. Kev; Hipster; Kev is looking for help launching his 24 alcohol delivery service Poochie. Currently operating in North London delivery costs just £5 and alcohol is sourced from local off licenses. Kev is looking for a CTO (isn’t everyone!) to kickstart the business.

And the winners!

The 2 pitches that impressed me most on the night were as follows, but obviously congratulations to everybody who took part; you are all winners in my eyes for having the bravery and determination to found a start-up and go where your passion takes you!

Kwezi; Hipster
imakethathappen &; a magnificently choreographed pitch from Kwezi, unique, dramatic and a great way to promote an idea that will disrupt and revolutionise the way in which the events industry decides what they are going to programme and when. Well done Kwezi, you win a phone!

Michael; Hustler
We kind of felt like we had to make Michael a winner and give him a phone for his efforts, since he sacrificed his own phone on the night! Michael wants great clients he can help build out their projects in the most efficient and technically superior way possible. Just make sure you have some budget for him!

Make sure you don’t miss out on our next events, the world famous Speed Pitching on Tues Aug 11th, and the ever wonderful and challenging GaP->GaS on 28th June.

Keep on hustlin’!











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