Care to Share Your Skills? Knowledge Economy Startup Wants You To Learn Without Paying

The age of austerity has been hard on us all but if it has taught us one thing it’s that we are more resourceful than we thought we were. Here’s the proof.

Smaller salaries and tighter budgets have forced us to become a more caring, sharing society and one entrepreneur looking to leverage this trend is Nick Segrue, founder of CareToShare.

Call it Airbnb for skills – CareToShare is a platform that allows people to swap skills – I need my lawn-mowed, you need a Spanish lesson? Hey Presto, we swap skills…and the best part is – it’s completely free.

CareToShare have pledged not to charge a fee for their services, unlike most “sharing economy” startups.

“simply sign up at, click on the skill or task you want help with, see your nearest users displayed in front of you and contact them straight away to arrange your exchange”, says founder Segrue; “As the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider we are on a mission to help people learn new skills and have help with their tasks regardless of their economic situation.”

According to CareToShare the market for home private tuition in the UK is worth £6.5 billion per year, and “it is ripe for disruption.”

According to PWC, the sharing economy will be worth $335 billion by 2025. Cuts in welfare benefits will also see more and more people trying to find alternative ways to get essential services done, whether it be educating themselves or their children, getting their cars fixed, or who knows what else.

That’s what makes CareToShare such an interesting proposition – who knows how far it can go? Users will be allowed to rate each other’s services, and a “near me” function helps identify who is the best bet for a particular service or skill.

It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of the “cashless society”.

CareToShare have enlisted Steve Pankhurst, founder of Friends Reunited, the original UK social media platform, to help them help us help each other!

The startup is currently fundraising on Seedrs.

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