Bit by Bitcoin – SatoshiPay Lands €640k to Help Internet Users Tip Content Providers

Really Small Amounts that is. Yes, this is the news that may (or may not) herald the arrival of the post-advertising age. We’ve had the “adblockalypse”, now it’s time to hand the power back to the casual internet browser.

SatoshiPay allows you to load up on bitcoins and purchase content online for as little as 1 cent.

This is cool because firstly, it’s kind of fun splurging cents on stuff on the internet, but also because it means content providers might start writing for their audience again, rather than for their advertisers.

SatoshiPay raised €160k last year after unveiling a partnership with Visa Europe, and the firm have gone back to the well, landing another €640k in funding, this time from Blue Star Capital, whose CEO, Tony Fabrizi, says: “We believe the market opportunity for SatoshiPay is potentially vast and we look forward to working with SatoshiPay’s management to help maximise this opportunity.”

It’s all part of a masterplan to complete a €1m funding round, SatoshiPay say, which may value the company as high as €6m.

SatoshiPay, led by co-founders Meinhard Benn and Henning Peters, and founded back in September 2014, are not the only players in this space, mind.

Tibit, led by New-Zealander Justin Maxwell and Pauline Hunter, has completed a funding round of its own and from its “bleeding-edge” premises in Peckham Rye, the team are quietly building a stable of participating bloggers who accept “tibs”, which are again bought and collected using bitcoin and the blockchain.

Its “pocket change for the internet”, they say, a neat way of saying “thanks” for a handy piece of content, or to “unlock” an article. Using tibit, you can “tib” sites like this stellar London start-up blog.

That’s right folks, bloggers are the bitcoin buskers of the digital age. Just don’t expect them to play Stairway to Heaven or Fastcar on request.

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