Bet You Didn’t Know This; Pornhub Are Helping Fund STEM Research Projects

Porn sites are planting a different kind of seed by investing in people’s futures.

The girl on camera nervously tugs back her hair and smiles at the camera. So what’s she up to? Asks PornHub’s Aria.

“I have a practice talk later today, for a job interview, and I’m trying to finish up my degree.”

“Well, I’m hoping we can try and make your day a little better”, Aria replies.

And cue the usual 15-minute romp – from the deep kissing to the double reverse cowgirl?

Far from it, in fact – this may be a Pornhub video, but the end game is not what you might expect.

“You have been selected”, Pornhub’s Aria continues, “as the recipient of the $25,000 dollar Pornhub Cares Premium Scholarship for Women in STEM.”

That’s right – “my name is Natalie Nevarez, and I am a grad student here at the University of Michigan, and I study the neuro biology of monogamy”, the video reveals, showing Natalie filming herself in front of a stack of gerbil cages, at the lab.

Sure, it could be the set for another seedy shoot, but Pornhub, it turns out, is a touch more classy than many of us –  little hypocritically, perhaps – think.

The world’s most popular site that nobody visits (at least, not without switching on the incognito, or “porn mode” setting first), has launched the Pornhub Cares Women in STEM Scholarship.

“We look at what neurochemical changes happen in the brain after animals are pair bonded for a certain amount of time, and what we’ve seen is that the changes that happen are very similar to the changes that are induced by the experience with drugs of abuse”, says Nevarez.

“I’m very interested in drug addiction and social relationships so I’m hoping to keep doing that after I graduate”, she adds.

To which Pornhub’s Aria replies, “we’re very excited to watch you further your educational career.”

The porno industry is much derided, accused of being the last resort of scoundrels, and the dregs of society – a scene where exploitation is rife, and anti-social behaviour the norm.

Whatever you think about the likes of Pornhub, Youporn or Redtube, the industry suffers from a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy – the longer we class it as seedy, dirty and exploitative, the longer it will remain as such.

By this shows that porn sites have a human face, can integrate with all elements of society, and even help people across all walks of life; can porn transform its reputation, turning away from prurience and voyeurism, and establish itself as a mutually consensual performance art, free from exploitation and addiction?

Kudos to Pornhub for being brave enough to take those first steps.

Whether we want to admit we use porn or not, let’s drag the industry into the light, even if it means washing our dirty linen in public.

All too often, shame turns a good thing bad.

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