Bees, & Even Educated Fleas Do It – Will You Fall For Honeycomb’s Electronic Design Blocks?

Kickstarter are so impressed they have already featured this “toy” in their “Projects we love” category.

Honeycomb is best described as a kind of electronic lego, designed for all ages and skill levels, which allows people to “quickly design and prototype amazing creations”.

Sounds like the kind of present you buy for your kids and yet end up spending enough time on yourself to drive the rest of the family round the bend – if you’re a geeky founder type, that is..

Honeycomb, who are raising funds on Kickstarter, have recently launched their first 3 kits – a Music Kit, Camera Kit, and IoT kit.

It may sound simple, but judging by the level of detail the campaign page goes into, whilst the end results are nifty and cutesy, the science, provided you want it to, can get seriously complex.

This is great for young kids desperate to learn code, and in many ways it’s a typical Kickstarter type product. Colourful and dynamic as a toy, but also a great way to learn about coding, music, and cameras, for example.

The company has been co-founded by Reiner Von Weber, a professional flight tester and pilot who founded a drone school, and Zhouping Wang, who has also launched a portable 3D printer and VRDrone (whatever that is!) via Indiegogo.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more thorough project on Kickstarter (and that’s saying something); every piece of kit, or building block, is intricately detailed and filled with electronic goodies such as magnets, buzzers, LEDs and hexagonal finish.

It’s fun, and it’s even compatible with lego, so what’s not to like?

Perhaps only the faint suspicion that behind all that fun and colour is a company who mass produce these gadgets and package them up to with faux-nicety to fool parents into thinking they are a cute, folksy company rather than a profit driven, faceless corporate?

Our verdict: it’s hard not to be impressed with the dedication, and given the company are only raising $20,000, tempting to make a pledge for a gizmo that looks as impressive as anything we have seen in this space, and that even includes Raspberry Pi.

It may be easy to knock-out children’s toys that are really no more than bits and pieces left over from the manufacture of iPhones, say, but if done creatively and with love, and providing every safety test is met and passed (because there are an awful lot of fiddly bits), we think there is much to be admired in Honeycomb’s campaign.

Parents beware – just because the lego has been packed away, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to go back to the lounge in bare feet!

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