Average Bonus Sizes in UK are £1k – That’s £500 Less Than Workers Want To Up Their Game

Now I ain’t saying we’re all gold-diggers, but it seems workers in the UK aren’t getting too excited about bonus season – because away from Square Mile, the bonus pot simply isn’t big enough.

One4All Rewards recently interviewed 1,994 UK adults in employment, and discovered that average bonus sizes were just shy of the £1k mark – £996, to be precise.

Not that anyone’s bothered. The survey also revealed that amongst information and communication workers, this amount is a whopping 33% short of the amount they say they would require in order to up their game in the office, and feel more motivated.

In fact, they’d prefer their bonuses to be paid in December too. 53% favoured mid-December as the optimal time to receive a bonus from their employer – and they would feel more motivated and ready to work harder as a result.

Only Santa Has It Right!

Sadly, only 14% do receive a bonus at this time of year, a 2% year on year drop, but double the amount who received one at this time in 2014.

“Personalised incentives, in terms of format, amount and exclusivity, will motivate better than blanket, impersonal ones”, says Declan Byrne, UK MD at One4All Rewards, which helps to “transform customer and employee relationships through successful rewards and incentive schemes.”

Well, at least Father Christmas gets it right every year. Doesn’t it make you pity those fat cat bankers who must wait until mid-January to receive their often 6 figure pay-outs.

Nope, us neither. Here’s hoping bosses up their game and stump up an extra £500 at least next Christmas, so that we can all up ours.

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