Attention Devs! Airfinity Are Offering YOU! The Chance To Help Them Unlock The Secrets of Event Tech

Devs, get ready for the offer of a lifetime!

Airfinity is a well-funded startup in the booming event-tech space that helps events companies drill down into any event and discover exactly what value it is offering. They do work like this, and they are fast growing and seriously on-point right now.

After a stream of positive industry feedback, the team are scaling fast, targeting an opportunity to launch a global platform.

Can you take the lead in helping them to build it?

Airfinity are offering the right candidate the ultimate startup dev opportunity; a competitive salary, stock options, a highly-motivated team that knows how to have fun (note – in business, this a rare find!), state of the art Apple hardware, and a state of the art premises in Central London.

London Paddington, to be precise – the new doyen of London’s start-up communities.

So, who, and what do you need to be to take on this unique challenge – a chance to make your name with one of London’s hottest startup ventures (because trust us, this company are going places!)?

You’ll need to be autonomous, versatile and curious. You’ll need to be hands-on and energised by unknowns. You’ll have a “deep knowledge” of software engineering trade-offs, and be comfortable working within an Agile principles context – although not too obsessed with the Agile methodology, please.

You’ll be a natural problem solver, and ready to take responsibility for Airfinity’s entire data architecture.

Yes, you’ll be the architect, and under the guidance and mentorship of the CTO, you will build and own the data platform at Airfinity.

You’ll be invited to proactively contribute to development and product discussions, where you will highlight challenges and opportunities.

You’ll carry out complex tasks with the minimum of guidance, with the ability to manage “multiple complex and time critical projects concurrently.”

You’ll “champion and mentor” data quality best practices within the team, and bring a “pragmatic” data engineering culture to the table.

Wow – where do I apply? Here, but first please bear in mind Airfinity are also looking for the following qualifications: ideally, you have released your own product or app to the market; you’ll need experience processing data at a non-trivial scale, strong experience with Python, and its ecosystem.

And ideally, experience with some of these:

  • Any RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, et similia)
  • Data analysis tools – eg SQL Query Engines (PrestoDB, Impala), OLAP & BI (Amazon Redshift)
  • ElasticSearch, Kibana
  • Data scraping (eg Scrapy)
  • Apache Airflow

If, like us, you found the terms above bewildering and non-sensical, maybe don’t send your CV on this occasion. We know, we’re sad too ; (

If they made the most perfect sense to you, what are you waiting for. This is the big one, devs – don’t miss out on a chance to work for the best events platform in town.

Ooh, and before we forget, experience with Serverless architecture, micro-services or SOA, Spark (RDD, SQL, DataFrames), graph databases (Titan DB or similar), and Graph Computation may be very handy to the guys at Airfinity.

As would stream processing technology, e.g. Kafka or AWS Kinesis.

Geeky enough, for ya?

Email Airfinity direct with your CV, covering letter or some other genius hack:

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