Are you the Hipster in your tech team?

Your tech product’s gotta be SEXY.
Doesn’t matter if it’s FashTech, EdTech or FinTech, when it comes to tech these days, cool attracts and sexy sells.  After all, you don’t want the only ugly-looking app gracing your prospect’s iPad screen now do you?
So who’s the mind behind the visual, creative, conceptual coolness of your tech start up – is it you?

Then you, my friend, are the Hipster

The font of creativity, the designer, the bohemian brains behind your brand image, although you’d shoot yourself before using the words ‘brand image’.  That’s Hustler talk.
You’re the one who insists on adjusting the background shade of beige by two hex points so it perfectly matches the Dude’s bathrobe in the Big Lebowski.  Or the shade of blue accenting the font to pay homage to a 70’s band no one’s ever heard of.
But which is cool.  And which is fun too.

The Hipster’s passion

It takes a deep passion for style and image to make a good Hipster.  A near-obsession which the other team members never took the time to cultivate, and don’t quite get.
But they love the ideas that come from it.

Steve Jobs – the original tech Hipster

For you, like Steve, the beauty of your product is almost or even more important than the functionality.  You just can’t bear for an ‘ok’ looking but otherwise perfectly solid product to get out on the market – hurting people’s eyes.
Fortunately, the Hustler is there to make sure your perfectionism doesn’t hold things back. But without you, it would go out too soon, and still an ugly duckling.
You might not live in a minimalist Japanese-style home taking your inspiration from calligraphy.  But if you live and breathe image and style, and get tingles up your spine when something feels just right, then you’ll do the Hipster job juuuust fine.

The Hipster’s contribution to functionality and marketing

Of course, it’s more than just the visuals.  The whole user experience has to be cool, from start to finish.
And the entire brand of your tech startup has an image that goes beyond the design and colours – it’s what you stand for, who you associate with, what story you tell.  All of these factors are integral to what your product does (the functionality) and how it’s perceived by the market (the marketing).
So without the Hipster’s passion and finely tuned taste-o-meter, the Hacker doesn’t have the right guidance on exactly what to build.  And the Hustler won’t have the most powerful tools for selling – a good story, and something the audience can just love, and truly connect with.

Other forms of Hipster

There are more types than just the pure Hipster.  It’s anyone who helps inject fun and excitement into the project.
Anyone who loves it and wants to sing all about it.  They love the impact it’s going to make, but aren’t too excited about the actual numbers – leaving that to the Hustler.   Nor does the Hipster care much about what’s under the car bonnet – that’s the realm of the Hacker.
Any evangelist is a Hipster.  Many investors are Hipsters.  Advisors take an outside look at the product and steer it towards the what the audience loves, like a Hipster.  And marketers play the role of Hipster mixed with hustler.

So, are You the Hipster in your tech startup entourage?

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