Are You Ready For Geekzonia?

The world’s first “social virtual reality platform for geeks” is fundraising.

Carina and Steven Walsh, co-founders, and CEO Peter Dobson, who run their own comic book shop and café chain, Geek Retreat, with stores in Glasgow, Newcastle and Birmingham, are taking it virtual.

Geekzonia is “a free social, entertainment and retail space”, which you can only visit in VR.

It’s aimed at “Geeks, VR and tech enthusiasts and people with passions”, and its leveraging a “Spatial OS platform” built by Improbable, to “build a social haven for users to get together and share their interests in interactive, immersive and extraordinary environments.”

Here’s where it gets complex – zones within an “infinitely multi-player environment” will include sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, amongst others; within each zone, users will be able to “explore content”, watch movie trailers, buy merchandise and even host their own events.

Geekzonia say the kind of events they could produce could “potentially evolve forever”, but to begin with they will comprise Fan Hangouts, Quiz shows viewing parties for live events like e-Sports tournaments, workshops, virtual shops, and heck! Even a celebrity meet and greet or two, they shouldn’t wonder!

So how do you enter the bizarre world of Geekzonia – a place that makes Garth Marengi’s Dark Place look like a plasticine pastiche?

Try your local VR app store (Oculus, Steam), create your unique Avatar, and let the platform know you are there. At which point it will use its clever algorithmic tentacles to introduce you to like-minded users.

Like the sound of Geekzonia? So, join the fundraising campaign, which is hosted by Indiegogo – in exchange for your real cash-money donation, you will be inundated with virtual freebies, passes, and “Geekzonian dollars”, plus VIP access to events – and even 3D printing rights.

Now we like an alternate reality here at HHH, but this sounds like something that could really challenge perceptions.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s Stephen Walsh, geeking out to the max.

“If you’re a geek like us, the potential of Virtual Reality makes you giddy. Growing up, the idea of virtual worlds was the work of Science Fiction, from The Matrix to the Holodeck in Star Trek.

Today, 90 million people own a Virtual Reality headset but we’re still waiting for the Holodeck, and we’ve certainly not reached Matrix proportions. Geekzonia is turning Science Fiction into Science FACT, creating a Universe that hosts unlimited VR users and delivering a 24/7 Comic-Con of WONDER.”

See you on the other side – don’t forget your “Geekzonian dollars”, peeps. Like you would ; )

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