Are You Broadcasting Your Startup As Much As You Should Be?

“Will your upcoming event deliver a powerful message or valuable content for the start-up or funding community?” asks Shane Smith, founder of Intelligent Crowd TV. Because the end of the event is just the beginning – especially if you’ve got it taped.

“If you think it should be heard beyond the venue where you’re hosting it, Intelligent Crowd TV is selecting 2 or 3 events each month where it will sponsor EventStream Live broadcast.”

Interested? Drop Shane a line and tell them about your event – when, where, what it covers and who’s speaking – and you may get selected.

Not a bad offer from friend-of-the-Hipster Shane, who also rocks a corporate vibe too for those looking for a more polished slick stream.

Intelligent Crowd TV is an innovative weekly show in which angel investors, experienced or not, can tune in and watch start-ups pitch, indicating their interest right then and there.

There’s nothing like seizing the moment, and Live TV is the next best thing to being in the elevator as the founder pitches like a pro.

It makes more than a little sense to record your finest hours as a startup, and share them. What’s the worst that can happen? How many times have you wowed the audience with a storming presentation, winning a standing ovation, only to find your target investors at the bar a few minutes later, alcohol eroding the impact of your words by the minute.

It never hurts to send ‘em a video follow-up – that is, if you haven’t plied them with vodka jelly and obtained the signature you needed over cigars and brandy**

** never gonna happen!

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