And The Fastest Growing Economy In The UK Is…Croydon?

Real fans of tech, of course, will already know this, because Croydon Tech City is the nuts, with more than 1,000 digital and tech companies based in this South Eastern corner of “that London”.

But even die hard South East Londoners may be surprised to discover that according to a post for Real Business by Storebox’s Catherine Crawford, Croydon is the fastest growing economy in the UK.

Croydon beats Darlington into second place, followed by Camden and the City of London, Bromley, and, erm, North Lanarkshire.

It all stems from a regeneration programme began in 2007, apparently, which is still in full swing, with many more developments to come around the town centre, helping to persuade businesses and commuters that the town is a great place to run an enterprise from.

Rent is cheaper than central London, transport links are excellent, and thanks to Tech City Croydon, which has had one or two words to say about the “Silicon Roundabout”, by the way, entrepreneurs are welcome in Croydon.

Ok, in terms of GVA, Croydon’s £19,800 is dwarfed by London’s £298,520, but in terms of growth, at 9.3%, Croydon is number 1.

Croydon Tech City are fond of referring to Croydon as the “Silicon Valley of South London – and say it is London’s fastest growing tech cluster (38% between 2011-13). Co-working spaces include the Sussex Innovation Centre, and Exchange Workspace and Croydon Council are actively involved in promoting tech in the area.

Self-sufficient (not a WeWork in sight), growing exponentially and doing more than anyone to switch the focus away from that most unflattering of haircuts, the “Croydon Facelift”, there’s a lot to admire about Croydon Tech City – but don’t take our word for it.

Now if only Southern Rail would start to play ball.

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