Amazon’s Alexa wins CES 2017!

Ok, so you can’t really “win” CES but for once the biggest story at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Las Vegas-based tech extravaganza that sets the agenda for disruption and gadgetry for the rest of the year was a product you can actually use, now!

This wasn’t entirely expected: robots “with personality”, often derived from the Cloud, self-driving cars (yawn), including a new model from the secretive, China-backed Faraday Futures which can do 0-60 in 2.39 seconds according to the Daily Mail, and new smartphones (but nor from Apple, who don’t exhibit at CES – how very electro-snob) and TVs “as thin as wallpaper”, were on the radar as the likely most-talked-about products.

So, chalk one up for the connected home. Alexa is a truly remarkable, and genuinely new addition to the pantheon of tech-products-that-make-our-lives-better.

Because here’s a thought that we predict might shake the world of tech to it’s very core over the course of 2017. A lot of new tech products aren’t really original, or new, or needed. Here goes: dating apps (newspaper lonely hearts columns), food delivery (takeaway menus), online search (The Yellow Pages), computer games (computer games), Virtual Reality (those 3D glasses you used to get with Smash Hits magazine), The Cloud (a filing cabinet – doesn’t need a server so actually saves space), self-driving cars (a traffic jam).

Don’t be fooled HHH’ers – they say 1977 was the greatest year of all time. Because records sound better than noise cancelling headphones, paisley, flares and the Dukes of Hazard. Nuff said.

But for the record, here’s some cool stuff you don’t need but is clever, from smart breast pumps, to self-balancing motorbikes.

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