All‘s Far From Fair For Women In The World Of Entrepreneurship

As we celebrated international women’s day, a survey reveals have far we still have to go.

Men are still twice as likely to find $100k in investment for their startup idea than women, and have the confidence to try starting a business much earlier in life, says a new survey from 99 designs.

The company questioned more than 1,700 entrepreneurs, and the results were as predictable as they were disappointing – women are still getting a raw deal – so raw, in fact, it stinks.

Whilst 12% of men had secured $100k + for their businesses, just 6% of women had had the same success.

43% of women pluck up the courage to strike out on their own when over the age of 35, whereas men dive in much earlier – 18% before their 35th birthday, compared to just 12% of women, and only 33% wait until they the mid-thirties.

And still female entrepreneurs stay home with the kids more than men; 13% of men are working 12+ hours a day, vs just 7% of women. Only 13% of men stay home with family for more than 5 hours per day; 19% of women do it regularly.

Women reach out to mentors more than men (14% vs 11%), who prefer to read books, (18% vs 13%); where men value patience (18% vs 12%), women prefer to network (23% vs 19%).

If you want to hear excuses, give a task to a man; if you want it done, give it to a woman.

The figures may seem incremental, and we are all aware that differences can exist between the sexes in terms of their approach to running businesses, but when it comes to finding our way out of our comfort zones, some 20% of women struggle to do so, against just 14% of men.

It suggests that women still take on more family related tasks, whilst it’s the men who get to go out and try new things. And all this despite the fact that women are the more enthusiastic networkers.

Still, across the US, there has been a 30% uptick in women who own their own businesses. And if you own the means of production – well – go read up on Marx, and get ready for a different kind of revolution.

It’s not the robots who are coming, it’s the female founders, but don’t think that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fear for your job.

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