A Wearable Technology Show Is Coming To The Excel Centre Next Month!

Will it provide the shot-in-the-arm the sector needs?

Wearables – such a good idea, yet so hard to run with (not literally – ed), it seems.

Many have tried, most have failed. Google Glass was a dis-glass-ter, Fitbit is under the cosh, the apple watch is a nice-to-have, instead of the must-have Apple must have hoped it would quickly become…the truth is, we’re struggling to think of a “wearable” that has rolled off the production line, and justified all the hype.

Snapchat Spectacles? I hear you say. Well, the jury’s still out, but one thing is clear – no one is giving up on this industry just yet.

On 7th-8th March at the Excel in London, the Wearable Technology show will roll into town.

The blurb tells us that this will be “a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading innovators in Wearbles, Digital Healthcare, Augmented Reality, VR, Smart Devices and IOT.

There will be 200 speakers, and 75 hours of talks and panel discussions. There will be awards, in categories such as Best App, Best Consumer Product, and the Digital Health Technology Award.

There will be exhibitors, perhaps one of them will be you, dear reader. And there will be speakers, like Bill Bunting, co-founder Aloha Health, Alex Butler, MD of The EarthWorks, and Christopher Nundy, an Innovation Manager at the BBC.

But the biggest question, folks, is surely; “what can we try on and stroll around in whilst feeling like the future?”

Products maketh a conference, we feel, Where wearables are concerned, talk is cheap.

We all appreciate the efforts being made towards the successful development of wearable tech that helps the physically disadvantaged. Makes the conference worthwhile on its own.

It’s the fash-tech part that needs a kick up the backside. How hard can it be to stitch a smartphone into a leather jacket?

Doubtless, by attending this 2-day event, you will be in the enviable position of being able to answer that question!

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